Mingguang Haomiao Security Protection Technology Corporation

Haomiao Technology is becoming the top brand in the field of industrial fire control of China!

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The real demand

There are major needs in the industry

 Tianjin Port?

 Fujian Gulei?

 Shandong Rizhao?

The construction of domestic fire station is not high, and the fire resources are in short supply.

The construction of domestic fire station is not up to standard, and the allocation of fire-fighting vehicles is still weak.

The equipment of fire fighting vehicles needs to be improved, and the chemical accident vehicles are unable to meet the demand.

The number of domestic fire engines is between 13,000 and 28,000, and the market is about 30 billion yuan.

In response to chemical fire accidents, fire fighting robots and chemical accidents fire engines are available.

Mingguang Haomiao Security Protection Technology Corporation is a fire truck manufacturer appointed by the Ministry of Public Security.The company Gathering all sorts of top talents in the industry, it is devoted to the design, modification, sales and service of fire trucks and special police vehicles. Focusing on industrial fire control, Haomiao Technology is becoming the top brand in the field of industrial fire control of China! 

The company is equipped with many advanced production equipments and large instruments of the industry and has the ability of producing 1000 fire trucks annually. It can manufacture special fire trucks, elevating, backup force, special duty and fire extinguishing trucks as well as military and police vehicles of more than 80 models of the entire series. Its products have been sold to over 30 provinces and cities in China and many countries and regions in Middle-east Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia , Africa and South America etc.

Innovation is the motive power of flourishing development of enterprises. Adopting the mode of enterprise, university and research cooperation, Haomiao Technology actively utilizes the power of universities and scientific academies and its annual input of R&D is higher than 20 million Yuan. Meanwhile, the company launches all kinds of incentive measures to deeply explore its scientific research ability. So far, it has owned over 60 national patents. Among core technical products of the company, turbo-jet engine fire technology, wireless remote control fire technology and triphase-jet-flow technology fill up the blank in China and reach the advanced level worldwide.

Quality is the essence of enterprises. To ensure the quality of fire trucks, Haomiao complies with strict quality monitoring procedures from product design to material purchase, manufacturing, delivery inspection and after-sales service. Equipped with skilled after-sale service team, it adheres to premium service for years. To provide timely and effective after-sales service for users