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18 meter multi function broken and dismantling fire fighting robot
- Jun 29, 2018 -

The 18 meter and multi function fire fighting and dismantling robot is a fire extinguishing equipment developed by the vast science and technology in view of the characteristics of industrial fire. The walking and operation can be operated by wireless remote control, using a crawler chassis, and can go over the fireproof cofferdam to enter the near distance operation in the tank area, lifting the arm to 18 meters, and directly after opening the surface of the tank and other equipment. Put out the fire extinguishing agent and quickly extinguish the fire. In the explosive, toxic and harmful fire scene, the equipment can guarantee the life safety of fire fighters to the greatest extent.

Aiming at the fire of closed container fires with internal floating roof, the multi-function demolition and milling head has been developed by Hao Miao technology. The milling head is installed on the top of the boom, and a unique structure is integrated into the whole body. (1 minutes through the 12mm thickness of the oil tank steel plate, the opening diameter of more than 100mm, the 40mm path of the path, respectively into the tank of cold gas sol and anti combustion extinguishing agent), the milling process can be self-guaranteed cooling. There is a strong cooling effect of water and a new type of high efficiency extinguishing agent. It can be cooled instantaneously, and the effect of anti reburning is excellent. Both of them are compatible with each other and are complementary to each other. The speed and efficiency of fire extinguishing are very strong.

The equipment adopts the standard hydraulic and mechanical interface, and can quickly replace the impact hammer, hydraulic shear and hydraulic grip. It can be used for the broken and dismantling of the inner floating roof tank, and it can also be used for the conventional broken and dismantling rescue operations.

18 meter multi function broken and dismantling fire fighting robot