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32 meter large flow lift high jet robot
- Jul 31, 2018 -

32 meter large flow lift high jet robot

The caterpillar chassis has good adaptability to the surface of the tank in the tank area, and can go over the fireproof cofferdam into the close range fire fighting operation in the tank area, which greatly improves the efficiency of fire fighting and rescue.

The multistage telescopic lifting arm can spray the fire extinguishing agent with a high flow rate of up to 95% to the top of the tank, and the utilization rate of high flow extinguishing agent and high efficiency extinguishing agent can quickly and effectively control the petrochemical fire.

The main parts of the body and boom are equipped with water mist spray cooling system, which ensures the equipment to work normally for a long time under the condition of high temperature radiation.

The pipeline transportation system equipped with large flow extinguishing agent adopts the confluence technology, which is transported to the water inlet by 5 independent DN125, and the flow of the firearm at the top of the boom is 13000L/min.

All the movements can be controlled by two kinds of control methods: manual and wireless remote control. The distance of wireless remote control is more than 150m, and it can protect the safety of fire fighters in flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful places.

The video image transmission system is installed at the top of the arm, and the video transmission is 1500mm higher than the fire gun. The fire field can be accurately mastered through the top video transmission, and real-time information is provided for fire control and quick rescue.

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