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Fire engines do not stain, clean fuel system maintenance to enlarge
- Mar 07, 2017 -

Fuel system is like a person's blood vessels, undertaking the Mission of transporting oil and gas, exhaust, fuel system is working properly or not, directly affect the fire truck engine is functioning, and on vehicle fuel consumption also plays a decisive role.

1 fuel system carbon formation reasons

Fuel itself contains impurities, prone to oxidation of carbon, and traffic congestion, vehicles are often in low speed and idle state, but will also increase the carbon and sediment formation and intensification.

When fire engines use after a period of time, including injectors, Pistons, valves, combustion chamber carbon accumulation in varying degrees, affect the intake, fuel, including fuel atomization.

2 fuel system cleaning hazards

First, the carbon deposits can clog the nozzle needle valve, the valve hole, affecting the performance of fuel injection system for precision parts, leading to poor fuel, poor atomization, dynamic performance is declining.

Second, lax carbon lead to the intake valve closes, cylinder pressure drops and even temper, resulting in engine idle speed is not stable, fuel consumption increases with exhaust emission deteriorate.

At the top of the piston and cylinder head and other parts of carbon, easy to make part of the combustion chamber heat, gas preheating, causing engine knock fault. These failures would shorten engine life.

3 fuel system maintenance

Fuel system periodically clean carbon is a must, period at 10,000 km.

Recommend the use of liquid Gold Corp (fuel system protection of powerful cleaning agent), it is a special formula, formed by the mixed solvents, surfactants, quickly cleaning the tank, removal of fuel injector, combustion chamber, oil carbon as a whole, where there is oil flow can be cleaned, can solve the fire engine underpowered, and extend engine life.