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How to maintain the fire truck?
- Jul 21, 2017 -

 How to maintain the fire truck

Fire engines need regular maintenance, in order to maintain the normal condition. The general driver is often on the maintenance of this matter is very big, because obviously know the car is not maintenance on the very soon, but very painful to pay for the maintenance of the money. Under normal circumstances the oil every 10,000 km or a year for almost the same, the brake oil every two years for a change, and gear oil need to replace the time is longer. In addition to these three kinds of oil has a relatively fixed maintenance mileage, the other clutch oil, power direction oil, water tank, etc. are added or replaced as appropriate.

The purpose of maintenance is to check, check the purpose of prevention. In addition to the liquid things above, the car there are some solid things to change, the most frequent is the spark plug and air filter. Generally speaking, platinum spark plugs about 100,000 km replacement time, and air filter is generally 40,000 km replacement time. Then there is the timing belt and its idler group, only the use of timing belt vehicles need to be replaced, the use of timing chain design engine probably used to scrap do not need to be replaced. And the replacement of the timing belt is the most expensive one of the normal maintenance, but also tens of millions of provinces may not. In fact, the need to replace things so little, because the maintenance of the real purpose is not to replace these supplies, but to check whether the vehicle or abnormal.

Many people have a wrong idea, that maintenance is for oil. But in fact, change the oil has never been the focus of maintenance, at most, for example. Maintenance of the biggest purpose is to check, check the car parts are not damaged or need to be adjusted, these check the action will be able to protect your driving safety. Check the items a lot, mostly check the engine, the car body and the chassis part. Open the hood to check the water tank, oil, variable speed fuel tank, power steering wheel hydraulic oil, brake oil, rain water, battery, belt, air filter, etc., then check the wiper, wiper rinse nozzle, Check the brake and hand brakes, tires, drive shafts, shock absorbers, all kinds of oil seal cushion rubber pad, and pay attention to whether the vehicle at the end of abnormal oil and a variety of abnormal phenomena.

Oil and oil filter is the maintenance of each thing will change. Before changing the oil, you should first take out the oil scale, check the oil consumption and viscosity of the normal or not before the release of oil. Water tank water in addition to pay attention to whether the normal water, but also pay attention to whether the normal water color. When the tank water abnormal dirty, it must be all the water tank water cycle update. Transmission oil is generally checked the amount of oil and color, power steering wheel oil is the same. Brake oil in addition to every two years to replace the outside, each maintenance should check the amount of oil and color, when the height of a little lower when not anxious to add, it is to make the film caused by wear and tear caused by brake cylinder, So that the oil will pick up the oil.

Fire engines with two kinds of batteries, one is free of water, one is the traditional water-type. Free water type usually depends on the inspection mark, the traditional water-type battery will have to add water to full water level. Check the battery is usually checked with a battery checker, when the battery pressure drop too much, on behalf of the battery aging need to be replaced, the battery life is usually two years. Air filter core is generally 40,000 km for a change, but each maintenance will be checked to avoid damage and I do not know. Finally, to check the exhaust pollution situation, usually off this on behalf of the engine no problem.

Chassis inspection is usually the most difficult to do, because there is no top car, brake force testing machine and other equipment. Brake inspection is the most important brake strength, the general vehicle should be more than 80% of the car weight. Followed by inspection to make the film thickness, to make the film thickness of less than 2mm will immediately replace. Tire to check the tire pressure, wear, eating tires and aging. Tread 1.6mm will be replaced immediately, when eating tires to check the positioning, tire aging also need to be replaced, even if the tread is deep or the same, because the tire will be exposed to ultraviolet aging under the loss of flexibility and grip, More than 4 years. Then there is the inspection of the car drive and suspension system, are basically checked whether the oil seal damage, with or without abnormal oil spill.

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