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Fire truck tire maintenance problems inventory
- Mar 07, 2017 -

First, fire the tire pressure to be exact. Standard tire pressure tires about 2.2~2.6bar, high tire pressure increases tire wear, may also cause a flat tire and rough too low increase fuel consumption and vehicle. In General tire pressure can be slightly lower in the summer, winter can be a little higher.

In addition, keep the tires clean. Fire trucks need to regularly check tire tread groove for any other foreign objects such as stones, if you clean it yourself, but if the nails or other sharp objects, you need to seek help from professional repair. Check the tire sidewall for gangster, stab, exposed cords, if shall promptly change a tire. Also note that the tire warranty, service life of tires in 2-3 years, or about 6.1 million miles. Tread depth in the 1.6mm (minimum wearing) should immediately replace the tire. Exceeding the shelf life of the tires (especially the spare tire, spare tire life is 3 years), the overall performance has dropped.

The saying goes "tyre Tri-component installed, with five points, two points", in fact, service life of tires except for wear and mileage, but also by weather conditions, road conditions, vehicle technical condition influence of other factors, such as fire engines, so owners need to check car tires. The majority of owners are also advised, patched the tire to be even more careful, needs more examination.