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What is the better maintenance and maintenance of the foam fire truck?
- Sep 07, 2017 -

1. Anti-corrosion of fire engines:

(1) dust: regular cleaning fire engines, which can effectively reduce the frequency of crevice corrosion to extend the life of fire engines, so we each time the car return to the vehicle when the vehicle should be detailed cleaning.

(2) moisture: as long as the atmospheric humidity below the critical temperature can prevent the fire truck metal components of significant atmospheric corrosion.

(3) anti-corrosion maintenance: should be long observation, there are damage, especially where the friction off the paint touch the water easy to corrosion, should be treated early to prevent the corrosion area is too large.

2. Do a good fire truck capacity tank, take power, rotating shaft, fire pump inspection and maintenance:

  Should always be on the fire truck cans to check and found that corrosion, should take timely and effective measures to prevent the expansion of rust. Commonly used method is to clean the part of the rust clean, dry after coating epoxy paint or welding.

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