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The role of high fire engines in modern fire fighting
- Nov 30, 2017 -

With the rapid development of the economic situation, high-rise buildings as mushroomed, the structure of the original reinforced concrete brick wall structure to the soft steel lightweight material structure development, the use of the original single-integrated multi-purpose development, Decoration from the original paint to the development of polymer materials, ventilation is also the original natural ventilation to the whole air-conditioning side exhibition. And so on, to the high-rise building fire made a higher demand for high fire engines also raised a higher challenge. Raise high fire engines are increasingly becoming an indispensable tool for urban fire fighting.

1. straight arm ladder fire truck

The fire engine is made up of a car chassis and two or more ladder. Ladder can be carried on the platform, it is a full rotation, straight ladder, the use of hydraulic transmission or hoist cable transmission of an advanced fire climbing equipment. Ladder fire truck according to the structure and lift the height of the different, can be divided into different forms of ladder fire engines, such as whether or not with manned platform: can be divided into "manned platform ladder fire truck" and "no manned platform fire Car ", according to whether or not with a fire pump: can be divided into" fire with a cloud ladder fire truck "such as wheat, Morita's ladder fire truck, and" no fire pump ladder fire truck " The

All movements of the ladder are hydraulically controlled, and the hydraulic pump is driven by the ladder truck's engine through the drawer (PTO) to produce the required hydraulic energy. The ladder car is equipped with one or more sets of independent hydraulic systems, such as the German Makilus DL50, respectively, by the four hydraulic pump control, respectively, to provide ladder l, down and down, Yang, left and right rotation, while hydraulic system But also for the ladder of the ladder uplift, leveling and safety control system operation. So you can avoid the ladder car on the operating system at the same time do not interfere with each other, but also to avoid the hydraulic system due to high temperature and lead the oil circuit failure. The ladder car is also equipped with the emergency operation of the manual operation of the function of the device. The advantage of a hydraulically operated ladder is that the ladder can be moved almost invariably, requiring only one person to use a hydraulic joystick to control the ladder car, and the various movements can be safely and lightly completed.

The ladder fire engine is a tall car equipped with telescopic ladder (with lift bucket), turntable fire extinguishing device, for firefighters to climb buildings and structures, and to evacuate valuable materials from fireworks and structures Ladder evacuation personnel. Such as the Harbin Swan Hotel "4.19" fire, the Swan Hotel is a 14-storey tourist hotel, the total height of 47.5m, Harbin City in the last century 80's one of the four high-rise buildings, the fire On the 11th floor, the ladder fire truck arrived at the scene, quickly set up ladder, and the top of the ladder trumpet speaker propaganda, stabilize the mood of the masses, to discourage them from jumping, at the same time, firefighters directly through the ladder boarded 11 fire side fire People, has rescued from the flames of 17 victims of the masses.

The straight arm ladder fire truck can be used to fire the fire by installing a fixed remote gun or foam generator at the top of the staircase to spray water or air mechanical foam. Such as "11 · 13 Wujing cotton warehouse" fire, Wu Jing cotton warehouse is a large pile of cotton warehouse, not directly to the warehouse inside the fire channel, the entire warehouse only a middle staircase, when the fire on the third floor and fourth floor, firefighters Close to the above, only to see the smoke rolling from the third floor and fourth floor window. Under the wise decision of the corps, four sets of 25m Morita MKUD-25 ladder cars were sprayed from the periphery of the fire source, and after 20 hours of fighting, the fire was successfully extinguished. The ladder fire truck played a decisive role in the fire, and it could be sprayed at every angle with the commander's operational command.

When the staircase condensation can also be used as a crane handling heavy objects, such as wheat DDL-30 ladder car with 5 tons hanging hook, can be used for small cranes.

2. Crankboard platform platform fire truck

The platform is composed of a car chassis and two or more arm, the top of the arm with a manned platform, it is a full rotation, folding arm lift, the use of hydraulic transmission of a high-level equipment. High platform fire engines for high-rise building fire fighting, rescue and high-altitude operations of special fire engines. Can be used to upgrade the goods and by means of lighting for fire lighting services. In the high-rise buildings and tall buildings can help the height of the fire can see the fire point, timely adjustment of the combat program, in the air as a temporary high-altitude combat command. The top is equipped with a gun or comb-shaped nozzle, at high altitude directly close to the fire point of water or foam, effectively control the fire.

3. Raise the high fire truck

The high-jet fire truck is made up of a car chassis and two or more arm, with a water cannon (or water gun), a foam gun, or a remote control operation on the turntable or on the ground. It is equipped with a water supply system, foam system, the use of hydraulic rotation of the high-altitude fire engines.

High-jet fire truck with remote control spray gun, remote control spray gun is located in the middle of the upper arm of the middle of the shunt, supported by the hollow shaft, by hydraulic motor to achieve a certain range of pitch, the bottom of the shunt with a rotating section, Jet gun for a certain angle of the left and right swing movement, which can effectively control the larger area of the fire.

High spray fire truck with a demolition device, such as Morita's MKUD-30 high spray car. At the top of the uppermost arm of the lifting device, the oil is used for remote operation. It can damage the height of 20mm window glass, plaster walls and plywood, so that the water can be directly into the house, effectively protect the country and The people's property.

The high-lift fire truck is also equipped with a high-lift, high-strength water pump system that allows the foam mixture or water to be raised to high altitude and spray at any angle and direction.

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