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Lifts the maintenance and maintenance of fire engines
- Nov 30, 2017 -

(1) daily should be parked in a clean, dry, ambient temperature 10-20 degrees in the garage, and remain non-working state. After each use, the whole car should be cleaned, wiped, oiled and lubricated, and carefully checked, maintained and maintained.

(2) the vehicle to achieve the required maintenance conditions should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of maintenance, manufacturers need to inform the factory should inform the manufacturers, do not look for ordinary repair shop for maintenance. Vehicle chassis maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the provisions and requirements of the chassis maintenance manual.

(3) should always check and maintain the vehicle assembly mechanism of the fastening, the connection is complete, locking is effective, to prevent loosening, breaking, shedding phenomenon, especially the vehicle arm tightening, should be a daily check.

(4) to the vehicle electrical system as a maintenance and maintenance focus. The driver should regularly check the battery is sufficient power supply, light alarm is intact, intercom system is intact, electronic control switch is sensitive, should maintain the electrical system components, accessories and line contacts clean and dry. The maintenance of electrical appliances must be carried out by professional personnel.

(5) should regularly check the oil tank in the oil level, all operations at the end of the oil surface should be more than 2/3 of the oil standard, according to the provisions or according to the circumstances check whether the hydraulic system piping loose or oil, to ensure that the hydraulic system The use of hydraulic oil cleaning, air or other impurities into the hydraulic system, should be based on the actual use of the vehicle every six months or a year to replace the hydraulic oil.

(6) ladder fire truck by pulling the tow rope pulling group to carry out telescopic movement. Wire rope should always be checked and lubricated to prevent corrosion, when found broken wire, broken strand, wire rope out of line, deformation, corrosion, wear the case must be replaced to ensure safety.

(7) under normal conditions every quarter to complete the use of the vehicle through the full use of a comprehensive inspection, so that preparedness.

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