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Maintenance cycles appropriate to the condition of the engine and
- Mar 07, 2017 -

Good condition maintenance period can be extended

Buying a car easy to keep a car cannot, therefore, car, more needs to be done is a savvy owners. In our daily used car has a lot of places if you pay attention, you can save the cost of keeping a car. Fire truck maintenance cycle refers to the car's mileage or time intervals and mileage intervals to determine the various types of maintenance work, will not only keep the good technical condition of vehicle, can also save on maintenance costs and the cost of repairs.

When the owners make the fire engine maintenance cycles, should refer to the vehicle manufacturer's recommended service intervals, combined with fire-engine's own technical situation and actual conditions of use, the maintenance cycle to make the appropriate adjustments. General fire truck new car in good condition, it may be appropriate to extend the maintenance period and weak or poor use conditions of fire trucks, you should shorten the maintenance cycle.

Air filters and windshield wipers are essential accessories of the engine, air filter air enters the engine through the first line of "checkpoint", whose role is to filter out the dust and debris in the air, keep flowing into the relatively clean air in the engine, and windshield wipers you enhance the security of the owners of travel during the rainy season.

General fire-engine air filter to change when the 20,000 kilometers, check 10,000 km, windshield wipers need to be replaced every 6 months to a year at a time. It can be said that air filters and wiper car prices in the cheapest parts, inspection and replacement of the two are very simple, dedicated to servicing the site a waste of time and money is not worth it.

Regular cleaner replacement filter

Vehicle to always pay attention to clean the filter of the engine. "Don't look down on the filter, which directly affect the fuel consumption of your car. "Fire engine in use, dust and other impurities will mix with the oil, and exhaust and combustion air oxidation of the oil will have gum or sludge oil gradually, this will not only accelerate the wear of parts and cause oil plug. To clean the filter of the engine on a regular basis.