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- Dec 29, 2017 -

A vast series of successful delivery vehicle export riot

November 16, 2013 11 am departure ceremony held in the vast export vehicle technology companies, 16 units arranged in the vast square riot vehicles fully equipped for company, they will proceed across the sea from here, delivered the hands of users. Leaders from Chuzhou CPPCC, Commerce Bureau, Chuzhou state inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Mingguang City, Mingguang CPPCC, Municipal Industrial Park, Municipal Commission of letters and municipal public security bureau attended the departure ceremony.

This batch of export riot vehicles for turbojet drive vehicles, explosion-proof wall remote control storm water artillery, anti riot water cannon, integrated company in operation of turbojet and remote control and other patented technology, by our company according to customer demand for non lethal equipment drive violent riot against terrorism, emergencies independently. In order to enable customers to better grasp and use these products, our company has trained three dozens of technicians since October last year, and the quality, performance and technical support of the products have been well received by customers.

The total number of orders is twenty, which is a one-time purchase of special vehicles in a country in the Middle East, with a total value of nearly 50 million RMB. Four vehicles have been delivered in advance, and the sixteen remaining cars have been delivered at a time, which has attracted the attention of the municipal government and the competent authorities. The leaders concerned are here to congratulate themselves, and encourage enterprises to make persistent efforts to make greater contributions to Mingguang and Chuzhou's export-oriented economy.



Foreign envoys of Mingguang City wide Fire Technology Development Co. Ltd.

The morning of November 8th, the Jordanian ambassador Yahya Kalale, Algeria Embassy Commercial Counsellor Embassy Ruidiha - Nibaiyasi, UAE embassy commercial secretary Amina Bruno and other two foreign envoys, at the invitation of Mingguang municipal government, development limited company to carry on the business investigation in Mingguang City wide fire science and technology.

In recent years, Mingguang City wide Fire Technology Development Co. Ltd. to develop the international market, make full use of technical advantages, their products go out, please come in, international sales market development has made great progress, preliminary calculations, two 0 13 year export all kinds of fire fighting vehicles and special vehicles sales of more than 70 million yuan, and many government departments and customers on product sales reached intent, and joint development with the company has international advanced level of fire fighting equipment.

The foreign envoys of the company, is a vast quantity of the company, through the operation, invited to visit the three diplomatic envoys in a smooth trip, first floor conference room to listen to the vast company, mayor Luo Shengquan on behalf of the municipal government on the "beautiful light of the bright light" and speak of Mingguang Development Co. Ltd. Haomiao fire science and technology topics, listened to the vastness of the company chairman Ni Jun on the development and operation of the vast company statement. The Jordanian ambassador Yahya Kalale in his speech in Chuzhou, Mingguang City and vast hospitality company to express my heartfelt thanks, and highly praised Chuzhou, Mingguang's achievements in economic and social development, the vast vast company and company's products give sufficient affirmation. He said that China has a long relationship with Arabia countries, deep friendship and extensive cooperation. It is hoped that through this investigation, we can find more opportunities for cooperation and achieve win-win development.

They watched in the company in the best of spirits after the publicity, in the field to visit the company's products and business performance, the UAE embassy officials in the United Arab Emirates to see is equipped with special vehicle products and pre Alfonso personnel training in the vast company photos very satisfied.

China in Arabia Egypt Republic ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary concurrently in Arabia National Alliance plenipotentiary Wu Chunhua, state former diplomat Mr. Shen Ruxiang accompanied the expedition. Zhang Xiangan, mayor of Chuzhou and vice mayor Zhang Yi met in Chuzhou in November 7th and invited a banquet in the Embassy of China. The foreign affairs office director Kuang Rongjian, director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Chuzhou city Yang Guanglan, Mingguang City party secretary Xu Guangyou, mayor Yu Chenglin, vice mayor Luo Shengquan attended the meeting and visit the company in the vast.



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