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Mingguang Haomiao Security Protection Technology Corporation organized action against snow and disaster prevention
- Jan 26, 2018 -

From the night of January 3, 2018 to 4, after a day and one night of Blizzard, the area of snow in the city of Mingguang was 30-40 centimeters. The vast snow lake, thousands of miles. On both sides of the road, the stump branches all over the ground, but there is no trace of the snow in the slightest decline.

On the morning of 4, the vast company leaders and staff braved the swirling snow in succession to the office, witnessed the company finished products and pump workshop has been heavy snow collapsed. In order to prevent the disaster continues to expand, reduce the loss to the lowest degree, with the leadership of the chairman in the call, the staff quickly put the snow disaster, part of the organization of staff on the factory Road Plaza to clean up, some of the staff to dispose of the plant in the snow, to reduce the risk caused by the plant weight, may prevent subsequent snowfall bring disaster. In the snow, the members of the Communist Party, the backbone of the workshop and the staff of the front line are actively involved. Comrade Lin Shu, Zhou Bo, Tang Lei and other comrades played an exemplary role.

6 afternoon, the marketing department, customer service department, technical service center, Qiguanbu comrades again on the parking area of snow was cleared, the security staff parking demand.

During the snow removal process, the company also used the advantages of explosion-proof vehicle and turbojet truck to organize snow and snow removal around roads and trees in the factory area, which was well received by the public.

Mingguang Haomiao Security Protection Technology Corporation

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