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Mingguang vast fire: commonly used fire safety knowledge fifty
- Jan 03, 2018 -

1, it is found that the fire should be warned in time, early warning and small loss. The fire alarm phone in China is 119

2, after the fire, the correct method is: clarifying the fire alarm unit, detailed address, fire material and the size of the fire, if there are people trapped, leaving the alarm name and contact way

3. When a unit has a fire, the first thing to do is to dial the 119 fire alarm in time and notify the person in charge of the fire unit

4, it is illegal to lie about the fire alarm. False report of fire, the highest can be held in 10 days of detention

5. The public security fire brigade does not charge any charges for fire.

6. To find out the hidden fire hazards and the illegal activities of fire safety, we can call the telephone "96119" to report the hidden fire hazard and report to the local public security department.

7, personal damage, misappropriation or unauthorized removal, stop using fire control facilities and equipment, bury, occupy or cover a fire hydrant, a warning or a fine of five hundred yuan penalty

8. When the fire fire passage is blocked or closed, the individual should report to the Fire Department of the public security organ

9, encountered fire truck or to carry out the rescue mission, social vehicles and pedestrians should pull over to

10, when smoking, you should pay attention to not lying on the bed or on the sofa, and not throwing a cigarette.

11. The temperature of the center of the cigarette ends up to 700-800 C, which exceeds the burning point of the combustibles, such as cotton, linen, wool fabric, paper and furniture. If the smoke is thrown into contact with these combustibles, fire can be caused easily.

12. Polyurethane foam should not be used in interior decoration and decoration

13. When buying fireworks and firecrackers, a qualified product should be purchased at the regular selling point.

14. When children set off fireworks and firecrackers, the correct practice is to take care of the adults and to set off the designated place to set off the fireworks.

15. When the fire extinguisher is used, the nozzle of the fire extinguisher should be aimed at the root of the flame

16. The best place to put out a fire with a fire extinguisher is the upper or side wind position of 3-5 meters from the fire point.

17. Electric iron is a common household electric appliance in family life. It is wrong to have something to leave for a moment while ironing clothes, without pulling out the power plug of the electric iron.

18. The most favorable stage of fire fighting is the initial stage of the fire.

19. In order to prevent the trouble, the family evacuation plan should be formulated and rehearsed, and the safety exit of residential buildings and the best escape route should be designed.

20. In addition to eliminating all kinds of fire in the use of solvent and paint in the unit or family decoration, the ventilation should also be kept in the air.

Do not throw a cigarette butt, do not smoke on the bed

The correct way to check whether gas and other gas cookers are leaking is to be checked with soapy water to the hose and interface

21. The correct way to check gas leakage, such as gas and other gas cookers, is to use soapy water to check the hose and interface.

22. When opening the door and smells a strong smell of gas, it is necessary to quickly open the ventilation of the doors and windows to prevent a detonation accident.

23. When the gas facilities and appliances are used in the family, the correct method is to check the gas cooker and pipe regularly, not to install, remove and change without authorization.

24. When traveling to Gaestgiveriet Hotel, first of all, we should be careful to read the escape route map of the door after the door and look at the location of the safety exit.

25, the computer caught fire, the correct way is to pull out the power and cover the computer with wet cotton

26. the families of ordinary rural residents should be equipped with fire equipment such as sand, water tank, bucket and so on

27, in the rural areas of daily life, with firewood for cooking, for convenience, will be a lot of firewood piled up around the stove is wrong and kitchen practices

28, the safe use of gas, a soup, can go out to buy food or a long time watching TV in the living room is wrong

29. In the fire, the relatively safe floor of the jumping building is below the two floor of the building, and the outdoor ground is a non hardened ground, such as garden lawn.

30. Any unit or individual has the obligation to safeguard fire safety, protect fire protection facilities, prevent fire and report fire alarm

31. Any unit and adult have an obligation to participate in organized fire fighting

32. According to the provisions of the criminal law of China, the highest possible death penalty is to cause serious injury, death or serious loss of public and private property.

33, the summer temperature is hot, we should pay attention to avoid car fire. Put a plastic lighter in the car, mousse, air fresheners and other heat will produce explosive fire items is not right

34, parents should educate their children not to play with fire. It is correct to tell children to play with fire, and to put matches and lighters in places where children can't reach them.

35. use liquefied gas or gas, it is necessary to develop the habit of first ignition and gas opening

36, when a fire escapes, we should close to the ground as far as possible. The main reason is that the toxic hot smoke produced by combustion is small near the ground, which can reduce the chance of poisoning.

37. The oil pan starts to fire, and the incorrect way to save it is to pour out the water

38. When entering a public place, we should pay attention to the observation of safety exit and evacuation passages and the direction of evacuation.

39, the act of a fire caused by the negligence of the perpetrator, which causes serious consequences, constitutes a crime of fire.

40. The annual "119" fire promotion day in China is November 9th

When the temperature is hot in summer, car fire should be avoided. Put a plastic lighter in the car, mousse, air fresheners and other heat will produce explosive fire items is not right

Correct method of fire escape

41. When a fire occurs, a minor should not be organized to save fire.

42. When a public transport is on a vehicle, when a fire is in search of the nearest door and window and other exits, it will quickly leave the car and stay away from the train.

43. When a fire is encountered, the right thing to do is to be calm, calm, and escape quickly and correctly.

44. If you wake up at sleep by a fire, the correct way to escape is to find an escape route immediately and escape quickly.

45. It is wrong to lock the safety export during the operation of the business place.

46. The main reason for the death caused by fire is to breathe in the poisonous smoke and suffocate the death

47. When high buildings are on fire, the correct way is to escape from the evacuation route.

48. When a fire is encountered, it is necessary to quickly escape from the direction of safe export.

49, the public gathering places such as song and dance hall, theaters, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and fair markets should be applied to the fire departments of the local public security organs for fire safety inspection before they are put into use and business. After examination, they can be put into use and business.

50. After a fire, the fire extinguishing method with a hand flapping at the edge of the run is wrong.

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