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Narrow roads, fire engines at the 'fire' sigh
- Jan 29, 2018 -

A fire and fire truck arrived, but because of the narrow road, they could not rescue themselves near the surface. They not only caused various difficulties to the fire fighting, but also increased the extent of damage to people's lives and property.

The situation in which the road is narrow and not to enter the fire engine is no longer an example. Many old residential quarters have such problems. In addition, a number of residential areas, even if set up fire channels, are also perennial disorderly vehicles occupied, not the corresponding role. These hidden dangers can not be seen at ordinary times, but a fire will become a huge obstacle for firefighters to strive for time and save their lives and property. Is the fire work nip in the bud, when we see the serious consequences because the fire work is not in place and lead time, should be more vigilant awareness into action. The road is narrow, the fire hydrant can be installed at the right place. If there is a fire passage, it is necessary to ensure the access of the passageway. The fire facilities in the building need not only to be equipped, but also to ensure the normal use of the facilities. Winter is the high season for fires. Residential property, enterprises, government regulators, and even everyone of us can take a look at the hidden dangers of the fire nearby, imagine the possible consequences, and then compare the requirements of fire management to make corrections. No one wants to have a fire. But if there is a fire, we all hope to save and minimize the loss of life and property in the fastest time. Therefore, everyone is duty bound to attach importance to and eliminate fire hazards around him.

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