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Power tank fire engine on fire precautions in use
- Mar 07, 2017 -

High-power fire engine features and advantages

High-power fire engine has always been the pursuit of the goal of the engine, Fireman always wanted fire engines under the prerequisite of ensuring the safety of higher speeds, greater fire-fighting capabilities, better rear protection.

(A) the power, means containing water, under water independently. As fires first bus out of the city, because its contained large water itself is the equivalent of a small reservoir, can provide positive the first time fire-fighting water, ample rear collaborative follow-up sessions. Consumers, it can be a fire extinguishing system, as reinforcements arrived at the scene to win precious time. And, in the case of enough water, or multiple separate water supply, for more combat system to provide fire-fighting water.

(B) high power meant that overall good performance, can play a role in urban battle. As city battle fire engine reliability and low failure rate, with strong saves a, b the function and the lighting of fires, and, as the overall best performance of combat vehicles, occupies the best core combat position, without freeing up combat position and continuous warfare for a long time, can limit use of operational effectiveness.

(C) high power, means that continuous fighting capability, capable of providing effective long range water supply. Characteristics of the city under the new situation, sometimes for lack of water, sometimes because the road width restrictions, the rear water supply appeared to be inadequate, but the city as a high power main tanks with strong output performance, able to provide a steady flow of the rear water supply capacity, ensure that fire does not break.