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Production, learning and research cooperation and win-win, fire engine intelligent control and fault detection system;fire engine one key control system;fire pump water performance test system
- Dec 29, 2017 -

Mingguang Haomiao Security Protection Technology Corporation has constantly explored the new mode and mechanism of production, research and research cooperation, and has always maintained close contact and cooperation with institutions of higher learning and research institutes in China. On the basis of the formation of a stable Institute of industry, research and research, continuous project cooperation is carried out. To do well in the introduction and cultivation of high-level technological innovative talents, we have created favorable conditions for the smooth development of major scientific research projects and training of academic leaders. In recent years, the situation of enterprises' industry, learning and research is:

The people's Liberation Army troops and Chinese School of cooperation, there are 2012 projects in our company built 1000 cubic tank Mingguang tank, oil tank based fire extinguishing test base; "three jet extinguishing technology research" project, the Ministry of public security police training base of special projects, and in July 13, 2013 in Mingguang held conferences and held fire performance test. This project represents the advanced level of domestic fire extinguishing technology. It is the patent technology of our company and is the first one in China.

With the China Petroleum Safety and environmental research institute a branch, a China National United Oil Corporation, jointly developed and developed "mobile remote control lift high equipment".

A comprehensive fire detection system based on data fusion technology developed by a university in Anhui is awarded the two prize of China Fire Protection Association Science and Technology Innovation Award 2011.

The "fine water mist fire fighting robot", in cooperation with a university in Anhui, won the three prize for the 2009 year of the China Fire Association scientific and Technological Innovation Award. Cooperation and development of "fire engine intelligent control and fault detection system" "fire engine one key control system" "fire pump water performance test system";

The emergency disposal project of acid hazardous chemical accident, in cooperation with the general equipment department, the General Institute of engineering design and research.

In cooperation with the fire Laboratory of University of Science and Technology of China, enterprises develop "wireless communication and command system of fire fighting robots".

The company and an aeronautical equipment technology institute have developed "turbojet fire extinguishing equipment".

The cooperation not only promotes the technology innovation research institutions, scientific research units and enterprises, also bring us great achievements, has a very good role in promoting of fire trucks and other equipment R & D and innovation, the following is the specific equipment product cooperation achievements: 


                                                          Oil tank and oil pool fire extinguishing base


                              Comparison test site of three phase jet extinguishing and extinguishing agent


                     Expert team of comparison test of three phase jet extinguishing and extinguishing agent


                          Mobile remote control lifting high fire extinguishing equipment prototype test site


                                                                  Water mist fire fighting robot


                         Emergency disposal equipment for sudden accident of acid dangerous chemicals


                                                    18 ton wireless remote control fire fighting robot


                                                    Fire extinguishing test of a turbojet fire engine


                                               Test system for water performance test of fire pump

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