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The application of wireless remote control technology
- Dec 29, 2017 -

The technical expert of our factory invented the "unmanned vehicle execution device" in 2000. A series of products such as wireless remote control fire engines developed by patented technology (Patent No. ZL00221994.8, ZL201120017000.4, ZL200520070203.4) have attracted wide attention from the industry, and in October 2004, they were tested by the national fire equipment quality supervision and inspection center. In the long term research and development and practice, our company has formed many varieties of product use.

The wheel structure of products are 6 tons, 10 tons, 18 tons of fire truck to track structure is the main product of remote power supply of fire engines, 25 meters, 32 meters high track fire fighting equipment, fire fighting equipment flow injection 18 meters high lift rescue robot; otherwise the wireless remote control anti riot water cannon arrangement etc..

The use of wireless remote control technology, the maximum safety protection of fire officers and men, in a complex, high risk site, using wireless execution technology, our company mature handling equipment, access to the site, on-site fire, rescue, beach water, emergency cloth barrier and expelled, avoid personnel directly into the risks and secondary disaster.

             18 meter multi function broken and dismantling fire fighting robot


It is mainly used in fire fighting and emergency relief and relief, lifting and other operations. Compared with ordinary rescue vehicles, rescue vehicles model of this design has three outstanding advantages: one is for the crawler walking device, can enter the scene and rescue two is a complex environment; meet the dismantling device of vertical impact length, the maximum height of 18 meters and dismantling the two sets of independent operation of the rescue equipment the three is all; rescue equipment can be changed according to the needs, improve the utilization rate and efficiency of rescue. It can be arbitrarily collocated with hydraulic milling head, impact hammer, hydraulic shear, hydraulic tamper, high-pressure blister and other subsidiary tools); four, the equipment can be equipped with a fire extinguishing and breaking tool for oil storage tank fire, and nitrogen and dry powder can be injected into the oil tank to achieve the purpose of fire fighting.

                   32 meter large flow injection fire extinguishing equipment


1. 32m for high flow fire fighting equipment industry as a special type of fire trucks by the crawler chassis, better road conditions in the tank of adaptability, can climb the cofferdam into the fire

The close fire fighting operation in the tank area greatly improves the efficiency of fire fighting and rescue.

2.32m multistage telescopic lifting arm is capable of spraying large flow of fire extinguishing agent up to 95% of effective utilization to the top of the tank.

The utilization rate of fire extinguishing agent and high efficiency extinguishing agent can quickly and effectively control the fire of petrochemical industry.

3.32m large flow of high flow of fire equipment in the main parts of the body and the main parts of the arm is installed with a fine water mist spray cooling system in the near distance to withstand high temperature spoke.

To ensure that the equipment is working for a long time.

4. large flow fire extinguishing agent pipeline transportation system adopts confluence technology, which is transported into the water inlet by 5 independent DN125, and the fire gun at the top of the arm

The flow of less than 13000L/min;

5.32m large flow of high industrial fire equipment all movements can be controlled by two modes of control by manual and wireless remote control, wireless remote control distance

More than 150m, in flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful places to effectively protect the safety of firefighters;

The top of the 6. boom is equipped with video and image transmission system. The video and image transmission is 1500mm higher than the fire gun. Through the top video transmission, we can accurately grasp the fire situation, and provide real-time information for fire command and rapid rescue.

                      Long distance high power water supply fire engine


In order to solve the problem of water supply difficulty and complex water supply area, our company developed a long distance high power water supply system.

Water suction pump hydraulic system: in order to achieve the maximum performance of the suction pump, the whole hydraulic control of the suction pump adopts the closed hydraulic system design. The output of the working flow of the submersible pump can be slowly increased to the set value of the system without adjusting the engine speed. The system is easy to operate, and the system has no impact.

The module control system of the suction pump: the remote control operation of the vehicle's suction pump module control system is flexible, reliable and functional. It satisfies the remote control distance of 300 meters and ensures the function of all terrain operation of the suction pump.

Take-up mechanism: to meet the actual operation situation, a set of take-up mechanism is installed on the crawler chassis car to satisfy the vehicle's quick recovery of the water zone after the battle. It has the functions of cleaning, water squeezing and take-up. It not only satisfies the function of fast collecting, but also satisfies the clean water belt.

                     25 meter caterpillar fire extinguishing equipment


The mobile remote control held high fire extinguishing equipment is designed to address the light hydrocarbon oil tank, tank, blowout, chemical equipment of large fire caused by sudden accidents like a professional rescue fire special fire truck, the equipment adopts caterpillar fire chassis, adding 25 meters high injection combined lift arm in arm, top mounted a a large flow fire gun and video transmission system, the equipment has the advantages of high temperature protective water mist self-protection system in the range of 150m, through wireless remote control equipment near the fire fire in large oil tank fire in crossing the cofferdam in the running and free travel, free fixed fire extinguishing switch two kinds of attitude, through cooperation with external fire the vehicle to achieve a complete fire command fire rescue system.

The equipment has the characteristics of short distance, large flow rate, high efficiency,wireless remote control and image transmission. It can efficiently extinguishing large petrochemical fire and effectively protect people's safety and real-time fire scene information.

                        6 ton wireless remote control fire engine


                        18 ton wireless remote control fire engine


This foam fire engine is converted into a special chassis for the Dongfeng Nissan DND1253CWB4BLPHLD fire engine, which meets the 3 emission standard of the country. The car is equipped with the German imported FPN10-6000 fire pump and the French POKDN100-5000 (PLC5000) type fire artillery vehicle electric remote control water / foam dual purpose gun, the front bumper is equipped with vehicle front gun, and the vehicle is equipped with remote control device and self protection device.

Our latest research and development of a new generation of anti riot water cannon, in addition to the ordinary water paoche function, is also equipped with explosion-proof wall, auxiliary engine, remote control system.

The main features of this car are as follows:

1, 10 tons of water carrying capacity of the whole vehicle.

2, the top of the car is equipped with double guns, which can realize all directional, large flow and long distance flooding, with a range of 75 meters.

3. A double row of cabs can be used to carry 5 fighters.

4, the vehicles have wrecker function: front hydraulic wrecker shovel can remove 3 tons of loose impediments.

5. The lamps and cab windows are protected by stainless steel mesh, and the front windshield screen can be opened in the range of 0 to 70 degrees.

6, the shovel and the front windshield net have two kinds of manipulation: it can be operated in the cab and can be controlled by the control valve of the skirt.

7. The injection medium of the system has clear water, hot pepper and dyeing agent.

8. High power pump: the system flow is 50 litres per second, and the system pressure is 18 MPa

9, the use of professional fire tank production technology, with anti rust and anti-seismic functions.

10, the vehicle is equipped with a sprinkler system: 10 sprinklers can protect the safety of the vehicles and the fighters.

11, the body up and down configuration protection spray: 12 spray head, can ensure the vehicle self extinguishing.

12, the engine provides power for the water pump, the engine power of 210 kilowatts, water gun water can change at any time when the throttle, to achieve the ideal range, range control from vehicle speed effect.

13, vehicle configuration riot wall: mainly used for temporary road plugging, or temporary isolation protection in special places; the longest barrier time is 120 seconds; the longest time is 160 seconds; the maximum intercept height is 2.7 meters; the longest intercept width is 8.9 meters.

14, wireless remote control: unmanned unmanned vehicle can state, can also achieve the basic functions of water, video surveillance, voice transmission etc.. It is effective to ensure the safety of the fighters.

15, the car is also equipped with a monitoring system, radio, electrical equipment warning lights.

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