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The correct use of ladder fire engines
- Aug 30, 2017 -

1, to strengthen the full-time staff to operate the ladder fire truck training, so that operators familiar with the use of methods, the performance of various parts and precautions. Ladder fire truck as a high-rise building fire fighting one of the indispensable special vehicles, with strong practicality, only fully understand its performance, structure, characteristics, in order to ensure the use of the process of security and reliability.

2, ladder fire engines are large tonnage, ultra-high degree of motor vehicles, and thus the use of its environment has a high demand. When the vehicle enters the site, according to the need to choose as much as possible flat and hard ground, to avoid the buildings around the water pipes, gas and other places; for the smaller slope of the ground should be in the next leg under the pad pad, So that the car can try to maintain a stable level of state, when put into actual use, should be as far as possible the level of all the legs stretched out, all four support the ground.

3, ladder fire truck ladder are used to pull the rope to enhance the method, so the wire rope should always check and apply oil, so that the surface of the wire rope to form a layer of oil film to prevent corrosion of steel wire rope, for the emergence of broken wire, wire rope out of touch deformation or Corrosion, remember to stop using the wire rope must be replaced. Wire rope through the bottom of the winch plus each ladder of the pulley to run, when the ladder frame with the strength of the rope when the different strength, there will be traversed with the end of the pulley phenomenon, when this phenomenon, not only easily lead to wire rope itself Of the damage, and when trapped or rescuers through the ladder, the ladder will produce a decline in the force, prone to danger.

4, do personal protective measures, before the platform in the top of the platform for water training or fire fighting operations. Firefighters in the use of ladder cars for high-altitude fire training or operations, should be a good seat belt in advance, the body and platform guardrail fixed firmly, according to the need for water up and down or left and right deflection, against the fire in the effective distance to fight the fire. When the ladder can not rotate at the same time to ensure that the stability of the ladder safety, must avoid the sudden start or suddenly stop from the top of the staircase platform water gun water spray, water pump can not pump pressure greater than 1.3 MPa Need to be pressurized or decompressed water supply should be slow.

5, fully consider the impact of climatic conditions on the operation of the ladder. When the instantaneous wind speed exceeds 5, the ladder car can be put into actual use, but pay attention to ensure the safety of the case of operation, pay attention to observe the surrounding situation and whether the wind increases, when the instantaneous wind speed exceeds 7, should stop using ladder Car, 20 meters above the height of the wind than the ground much larger, so the operation of the ladder fire truck weather conditions, must not be forced by the experience of operation.

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