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The main structure and function of lifting fire engine
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Everyone should have seen the fire engine, but to the structure of the consumer car, I believe a lot of people do not know it.

The fire truck lifting the main segments of three types, they are: aerial platform fire truck ladder truck, and lift jet engines, they are for the high-altitude rescue and was born, we have to look at their basic structure.

1, chassis: chassis is the basic structure of the whole vehicle, the main function is to install the components of the fire engine together, also play the role of support.

2, take the power device: the power take-off device can also be called the force taking device. We usually call it the PTO device, and the PTO is made up of the whole power take-off device, the transmission shaft, the oil pressure pump and the water pump. According to the different location of the PTO, the 4 parts are all divided into different forms. They are installed in different positions according to their different uses.

(1) side PTO: the power source is removed from the side of the wave box, the output power is relatively small, and it is transported in a short distance.

(2): PTO power source countershaft by two axis wave out behind the box, behind it takes the force behind the front mounted wave box installed in the wave tank.

(3): PTO is powered by a broken shaft type transmission gearbox behind the axial force, a transfer case, the transmission shaft installed in the box behind the wave transfer box, and installed in the beam between the rails. A sprinkler and some special airport fire engines have such a PTO configuration.

(4) sandwich PTO: sandwich PTO can also be called a full power full power type power take-off, which is mounted on the first axle of the wave box, that is, the power take-off device placed behind the flywheel housing and the front part of the wave box, and the output power can reach 90%. It is the mainstream configuration of some heavy pump cars and lifting fire engines.

3, frame and supporting foot: the auxiliary frame mounted on the girder above the sub frame is mainly to load the car parts, and also play a supporting role during the work to ensure that the vehicle is balanced during the operation. The sub frame consists of four supporting feet. The supporting foot is generally made up of the horizontal oil cylinder and the vertical cylinder to achieve the function of retracting and expansion. The cylinder also sets a two-way hydraulic lock to protect it. And each supporting foot can be adjusted independently, which is convenient to adapt to different terrain adjustment. The feet are usually equipped with wide lamps, so they are safe for nighttime operation.

4, variable amplitude mechanism: the variable amplitude mechanism is composed of variable amplitude oil cylinder and balance valve, which is the main function of lifting and falling arm.

5, telescopic mechanism: telescopic mechanism is generally composed of telescopic cylinder, balancing valve, plate chain, sprocket and wire rope, and the main function is to realize the telescopic lifting arm.

6. Rotary mechanism: the rotary mechanism consists of a hydraulic motor, a rotary reducer and a rotary gear, which is used to transfer torque to turn the turntable.

7, turntable: turntable assembly can be said to play the role of the connecting link. The upper part of the turntable carries the arm frame, the amplitude variable mechanism and the control table, and the lower part is mounted on the auxiliary frame.

8, the electrical control unit system: the electrical control unit system is the most complex part, but it is also the most important. The whole system is composed of electric controller, safety assurance system, alarm communication system and lighting system. The whole system controls the electric, hydraulic and gas routes to cooperate with the whole vehicle.

9, the hydraulic system: the hydraulic system is controlled by electro-hydraulic proportional, consisting of computer system, electro-hydraulic proportional valve, pressure valve, flow valve, fuel tank, oil filter, hydraulic motor, oil cylinder, tubing and pipe joint. The operation of the whole vehicle can be realized under the control of computer electric.

10, work platform: the platform is connected to the front end of the lifting arm, we also called high-altitude rescue cage, platform front door near the high-rise building window, can open the rescue, on top of the platform is also equipped with a fire gun, can swing up and down jet, is also equipped with external supply interface installed hose carry a gun, rescue platform is provided with a spray system.

11, console: console in use of different fire engines are installed on the console, but different, in the high-end car lift above the console can set in all fire engines, it has to get off the console, pump box console, turntable console, console platform. The console has N button, N switch, N indicator light, instrument, display screen, two handle handle and so on.

12, leveling mechanism: the leveling mechanism is to ensure the working platform always maintain the level state, but also divided into two kinds: automatic leveling and mechanical leveling. Automatic leveling mechanism: automatic leveling, composed of angle sensor, control module, leveling cylinder, chain and sprocket, and system control is electro-hydraulic proportional closed loop servo control system. When the sensor is mounted on the working platform, when the inclination is measured, the tilting signal will be automatically transmitted to the control module. The control module will issue the command to command the cylinder to work, and drive the chain and chain wheel to make the platform rotate and adjust itself. The mechanical leveling mechanism is adjusted with the parallel quadrangular pull rod. It consists of a pull rod, a chain, a sprocket, and a auxiliary support.

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