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The road is narrow and the fire truck looks at the 'fire'
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Fire, fire car, but because of the narrow road can not "close" to rescue, not only to the fire fighting work caused a variety of difficulties, but also increased the degree of people's life and property damage, can not be caused by enough attention.

This is not the case for narrow roads and no fire trucks. Many old residential areas have such problems. In addition, some residential areas even set up the fire passage, and they were also occupied by vehicles which were parked all the year round. These hidden dangers usually do not show up, but when a fire breaks out, it becomes a huge obstacle for firefighters to gain time and save lives and property. When we see the serious consequences caused by the lack of fire work, we should put the consciousness of danger to actual action when we see the serious consequences of fire fighting. When the road is narrow, a fire hydrant can be installed in a proper position. If there is a fire passage, it is necessary to ensure the smooth passage of the passageway; the fire protection facilities should be set up in the building, not only to have, but also to ensure the normal use of the facilities. Winter is a high season of fire, residential property, enterprise itself, government regulatory departments, even for each of us, may wish to check the fire hazards around them, imagine the possible serious consequences, and then compare the requirements of fire management to correct them. No one wants a fire, but if there is a fire, we all hope to save the life and property in the fastest time and reduce the loss of life and property to the minimum, so pay attention to and eliminate the fire hazards around us, everyone is responsible.

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