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The subway has a good way to escape (a fire engine) when it meets a fire.
- Apr 20, 2018 -

The subway has gradually become an important transportation tool in large cities, with large passenger flow, concentrated personnel, and the unique characteristics of the subway itself. Because of the lack of underground oxygen supply in the case of fire, the subway is often in incomplete combustion state, thick smoke, large amount of smoke, and less subway entry and exit. Consequence。 How should people escape when they encounter a subway fire?

The first thing to do is to have a sense of escape. After entering the subway, passengers must observe their internal facilities and structural layout and memorize the location of the exit of the evacuation channel. The two ends of the car and the door are vulnerable parts of the crash. When taking the subway, it should be as close to the middle of the car as possible; the two sides of the subway should constantly change the opening direction because of the stop, so it can not rely on the car door, so as to avoid accidents.

Secondly, the fire extinguishing and escape are combined. After finding the fire, we should first call the police, and then look for the nearby fire extinguishing equipment to put out the fire, try to control the initial fire in the minimum range, and take all possible measures to extinguish it. If the fire in a moving compartment is organized, fire should be organized on the one hand, and the old, weak, young and vulnerable groups will be evacuated to other carriages. If the initial fire fails, the door should be closed in time to prevent the spread of fire and win the escape time. Once the subway workers receive a fire alarm, emergency measures should be carried out immediately to open emergency lighting equipment and smoke equipment, quickly discharge the smoke of the underground chamber, in order to reduce the temperature of the fire field and improve the visibility of the fire field.

Again, you should take a low position to escape, don't breathe deeply, cover your mouth and nose with wet clothes or towels, and prevent smoke from entering the respiratory tract. Evacuate to the ground, refuge room, smoke control room and other safe areas by means of self rescue or mutual rescue.

In the end, it should be emphasized that in the course of escape, we should resolutely listen to the command and guide of the subway staff and guide the evacuation. The people who have fled the underground buildings must not return to the ground. In case the evacuation passage is blocked by the fire, we should try to extend the survival time and wait for the firefighters and the fire engines. Come to the rescue.

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