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The vast foreign technology ushered in a week
- Dec 29, 2017 -

In mid October, with exports of African countries riot vehicles customs shipment, Mingguang City Fire Protection Science and Technology Co Ltd in the vast foreign reception week. From Africa, the Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe, buyers, suppliers have to Mingguang City vast fire science and technology development limited company, or acceptance of the product, or to discuss cooperation, have brought the advanced products to display. Indicates that the vast technology export-oriented strategy to bear fruit. It is expected that the company will have a relatively large breakthrough in the export of the product this year.

The vast company fleet landed in Jordan

The fire vehicle produced by our company has successfully arrived in the capital of the kingdom of Jordan. The number of fire vehicles including communications command vehicle, compressed air foam, Luo Hao car heavy water tankers and other fire car varieties. Our company, relying on its own mature technology, completed the design and production of this batch of vehicles on time and shipped the kingdom of Jordan not long ago.

The photo shows that our engineer who worked on the car as a Deliverer joined the local fire department in Amman, and communicated with local firefighters, and made product demonstrations at the same time.


                                                     The team went smoothly into the Jordanian Wharf


                              The senior technician of our company introduces the local fire force to the scene


                       A delightful trial demonstration under the guidance of a senior technician in our company

Our company exports Argentina fire engine and goes out smoothly

   Today, Argentina city community fire brigade procurementof Dongfeng 153 tank fire, from my company officially start, leaving the dock across the ocean. In the production process of nearly three months, the various departments of our company have been working together to solve the technical problems of the foreign vehicles successfully and meet the special requirements of the customers.

Our company has made remarkable progress in developing the international market. Our products have gained the recognition and recognition from the overseas counterparts. It also highlights our company's competitiveness and market prospect in the international market. In the last two years, our company has successfully operated vehicle exports to Western Asia, Uzbekistan, Jordan, South Asia Laos, and Argentina, South America.

          The vehicle is expected to arrive in Argentina 40 days later and put into the local fire protection work.


The vast, two fire trucks unveiled in Laos

At half past three p.m. local time in February 23, 2011, in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, "the ritual of giving a fire truck to Laos in Yunnan province" was held in the Ministry of public security of Laos. Two sets of water fire engines are the gift of the vast company independent R & D and production of products.

Attended the ceremony director of Yunnan Provincial Foreign Affairs Office Director Zhou Hong led the Yunnan provincial government delegation, director of Logistics Department of the Ministry of public security Vice Minister of the Ministry of public security China Laos Embassy in Laos, Long Dingbin Su Feng, chief counsellor, Ministry of Public Security Bureau of foreign affairs Kante solution Martini, responsible for the car service of the company on behalf of Zhang Yumei, Dai Changjun, etc Kan Nailiang and Yang rain, and in Laos China business representatives and news media.

Deputy Minister Su Feng, on behalf of the Ministry of public security of Laos, expressed heartfelt thanks to the Chinese government for the assistance it has consistently given. He said that the two fire engines will be given to the Public Security Department of the Vientiane city by the Ministry of public security. He believes that the two fire engines will be beneficial to the possible fires in the city of Vientiane and that they will be effective in making use of the two fire engines.

President Zhou Hong, speaking on behalf of the Chinese side, stressed that the 50th anniversary time of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Laos, the Yunnan provincial Laos government fire truck is a concrete manifestation of the old friendship. It shows the support and assistance of the two peoples for the common ideals in the past 50 years.

After a brief meeting, the handover ceremony was officially started. Director Zhou Hong submitted the golden car key to Vice Minister Su Feng, representing the two fire engines to be formally delivered to the Lao Ministry of public security.

Subsequently, Mingguang City wide Fire Technology Development Co. Ltd. Sales Office Director Zhang Yumei on behalf of the company submitted two vehicles to the relevant personnel with the old car and had a friendly talk. Yunnan Provincial Foreign Affairs Office Director Zhou Hong repeatedly to the old people especially as the two fire truck manufacturers, the vast company occupy the forefront in the fire industry, and hope to have further cooperation.

At the invitation of Lao Deputy Prime Minister, the Yunnan provincial friendship delegation visited Laos in late November 2010. The government of Yunnan province promised to give two water tank fire trucks to the old side. The vast company for successful manufacturers. Fire related procurement procedures after the completion of the Foreign Affairs Office of Yunnan Province commissioned a vast company in 2011 2 months late from the Xishuangbanna port of Mohan exit two fire trucks to Vientiane city.

In February 18th, the Lao Ministry of public security sent four from the logistics agency, the Ministry of Public Security Bureau of foreign affairs and the fire brigade vehicle joint chief staff, sales manager with driving two fire truck sales company and customer service service, Kan Nailiang Dai Changjun, deputy general manager of the company and their vast Daihong, Ni sales office director Zhang Yumei and strategic planning department etc company Yang rain two days arrived safely over the high mountains and lofty hills, Vientiane city.  The road was poor, the mountain road was rugged and there was no barrier.  "Ten years ago only to run this mountain road" with the emotion of the road is hard to know. After the arrival, they also trained the personnel of the two fire engines.

The task of the successful implementation of the company's products are vast in Laos high-profile debut. This not only reflects the domestic customers to a high degree of trust and recognition of the vast shape as in the past, the vast international image.

In 12th Five-Year the beginning of the year, the company is in a critical period of great leap forward development, in order to achieve the goal of bigger and stronger, the company will continue to accelerate the pace of international development, efforts to expand overseas markets. The successful handover of the export of Laos, the important basis for the vastness of the company's international strategy play


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