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Tram properties
- Mar 07, 2017 -

Hydraulic pressure lift vehicle is the use of a wide range of special equipment for aerial work. Scissors mechanical structure, enable shengjiangtai lift has high stability, large platforms and high load carrying capacity, making Spider-man more, and for more people and jobs. It makes aerial work more efficient and safer protection.

Aluminum dollies are a new design of next-generation products, the overall use of high strength of high-strength aluminum refining due to profile, enable shengjiangtai deflection with swings minimum. Dual mast structure, load, platform area, excellent stability, operational flexibility, convenient. Its light appearance, in a very small space within the highest lifting capacity.

Spider-man across the obstacle, platforms rise down to any position, were walking along side jobs, compact, flexible steering, the site ensures that the device enters the width of narrow passageways and crowded work area. Alternate powerplant operations platform reset and convenient mode of transport, can be drawn anywhere. Easy to identify from the operator panel, multiple mechanical, electrical and hydraulic safety, advanced integration of hydraulic and electronic integration systems.