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What is a turbo jet fire engine
- Mar 07, 2017 -

1, and vortex spray fire engine in arrived in fire site for fire of when, Vortex spray fire system will will put extinguishing agent to height, and high strength and big flow of along a level of direction for into, its jet of distance is compared far of, and penetrating flame of center capacity than strong, can significantly of put fire of efficiency mentioned is high, more small of reduced has environment of pollution and water stains of disaster, can to short time for fight fire of effect.

2, turbojet the cooling efficiency of the engine is mainly reflected in the water cannon caliber than the larger, and a high flow. In the diffusion of the extinguishing agent after injection will trumpet, after field tests, Jet fire engines more than the maximum diffusion of the arc can reach 50m heights, can require cooling of the parts of a package full of cooling, particularly for petrochemical fire protection has obvious effect on the tubing.

3, turbojet to apply positive pressure ventilation, fire truck fire County, you can immediately send smoke, effectively raising the visibility of the fire, greatly reducing the likelihood of flashover, favorable to firefighters organized attack and cover the retreat. After the put out the fire or leakage current situation in large petrochemical enterprises, you can immediately implement positive pressure ventilation, to take immediate and effective to achieve cooling, dilute harmful gas, good protection of victims and firefighters.

4, able to effectively use Jet fire engine large kinetic energy from the burning site side of the Jet, in case the Jet in the Suppression of fires across the region, to prevent the fire from spreading, to protect the surrounding buildings, and prevent the recurrence of the fire caused more damage.