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What is an armoured riot car?
- May 31, 2017 -

What is an armoured riot car?

Armored riot vehicle is a kind of multipurpose light wheeled armored vehicle, which aims at the current social security, the suppression of mass disturbances, riots, terrorist attacks and armed guards.

The vehicle equipment of public security police and armed police forces, counter-terrorism forces, etc., can greatly improve the ability of rapid response and flexibility, to ensure their own safety, and can meet the needs of public security, armed police and troops of various task needs, has multiple purposes, for a variety of tasks to the characteristics. Products through the state-level stereotypes and performance testing.

According to user requirements, it can be transformed into armored transport vehicles, command vehicles, communication vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles, ambulances, and can also be used by peacekeeping forces in peacekeeping operations. Vehicles can be compared with the current international advanced U. S. Hummer, France, VBL, the British Land Rover and other similar models, and in the resilience and number of carriers superior to the above models.

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