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Winter driving fire engines to slow techniques is the key
- Mar 07, 2017 -

When first started, if fire engines cannot normal ignition should be spaced about 30 seconds and then start, avoid continuous ignition. Hot car should also open air conditioning windshield defrost, blown windshield ice, do not use wiper, prevents wiper motor wiper freeze caused by work overload and damage.

Then while driving, it is recommended to keep fire engine speed at less than 40 km/h, not high speed running or passing. Bingxuelu surface of the braking distance is 4 times more than dry pavement, so should we keep sufficient safety distance between vehicles. If you need speed, through low gear with the slow to reduce the speed of the engine, not neutral on the brakes or slammed on the brakes, brake deceleration can be used. This worth a mention of is, e series configuration of ABS+EBD function, both can guarantee vehicles tire not hold died, increases friction, and also can in car brake of moments, high-speed is out four round due to attached different and led to of friction numerical, makes its according to set of program in movement in the high-speed adjustment, reached business power and friction force (traction) of match, to guarantee vehicles of smooth and security.

Finally, turns, first speed is below 10 km/h or so, small turning angle, don't swerve or brake. Slope must hang a lower gear when driving, be careful not to upgrade, remove, or slide downhill time block. Driving in the snow, fire truck drivers the best wear UV-tinted safety glasses to prevent snow Sun diffuse stung eyes, should also pay attention to rational use of lights to avoid impact on other vehicles.