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Winter fire engine electrical equipment maintenance knowledge
- Mar 07, 2017 -

After the winter, temperature decreasing, various electrical equipment should be prepared on the fire truck ready for the winter, take a look at what to pay attention to them during the winter maintenance.

(1) check electrolyte density adjustment. May be appropriate to increase the electrolyte density to prevent electrolyte density is too low, Frost crack battery case accident occurs.

(2) the maintenance starting fire truck motor. Difficulty in starting the engine in winter, starts the motor to use frequently, such as inadequate starting power, will further increase the engine starting difficult. Practice shows that in the summer, if the power of a starter failure was slightly low, start the engine you may very well, but in the winter will be very difficult, even fail to start. So you should start to undertake a thorough checking and maintenance, keep the Starter clean and dry, especially good contact between brush and commutator.

(3) strengthening the battery insulation. To prevent battery impact of freezing and cold startup performance, winter storage battery to make a laminated insulating battery box, to improve the battery's temperature.

(4) increase the fire engines alternator charging voltage. Battery discharge capacity due to low temperature, generator charge capacity must be increased high voltage regulator limits can be adjusted, typically limit voltage of the regulator in the winter than the summer high 0.6V when appropriate.