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Winter fire engine maintenance tips do you know
- Mar 07, 2017 -

Battery fire trucks use plays an important role in the process, if it is not working, the engine and the car electrical system will follow a problem or stopped, while in winter the power of the engine is much larger than the other seasons, and once in the winter, special care is required for battery, so anxious when you can't fire.

First, fear a low temperature battery, battery capacity in low temperature capacity is much lower than at room temperature. In normal use the battery warm place to a cold place suddenly without electricity. Therefore, before the onset of the cold season, check the electrolyte level. If you need battery electrolyte should be added, adjust the electrolyte specific gravity, and check for saving electricity, charging when necessary. While cleaning the battery wiring harness, and coated with oil to protect and ensure a reliable start, extended battery life.

Second, if the fire-fighting vehicles parked outdoors in cold storage for weeks without, should remove the battery and kept in a warmer room, in case the batteries freeze damage. When the ambient temperature falls below below minus time, discharged batteries will freeze, before charging frozen battery must be thawed, or direct charge may cause an explosion, and preferably use a small current slow charging.

Air conditioning in the autumn after a period of rest and start work. Fire truck air conditioning and refrigeration systems such as long time idle, moving parts will be "killed" phenomenon, caused increase of starting resistance moment, makes air conditioning electromagnetic clutch slipping, excessive wear, but also dried up the shaft seal and adhesion failure, resulting in leaks. Therefore, the fire truck winter maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems it is important to air conditioning and refrigeration system start 2 to 3 times a month, each time for about 10 minutes, so not much fuel consumption, but avoiding significant loss of evaporator, compressor. Start the refrigeration system may choose to temperatures above 10 ℃ sunny days, 5-10-minute drive away.