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Winter how to preheat the fire engine
- Mar 07, 2017 -

Exactly how warm fire in the winter, what do you need a hot car, I believe that many people say is not clear. Many people think that after retrofire, should be standing idle for a time and then walking, also those who think that today's car was not so spoiled without deliberately hot car, the car immediately and without serious injury.

First we need to know why you need a hot car after parked for a long time, because fire engines (for example, overnight), engine oil flows back to the bottom of the oil pan. Upper part there is no lack of lubrication oil in the dry conditions. About 30 seconds after the launch, due to operation of the oil pump the oil transported to need lubrication of piston, connecting rod and crankshaft and other components. Without preheating vehicles may not cause serious problems for a short time, but in the long term this will make the engine "lost."

In addition, before the fire truck engine not up to normal operating temperature (between approximately 90~110du degrees Celsius) and cannot effectively oil gasification. Easy rapid spray cause the fuel to burn, and attached to the throttle body, cylinder or piston is four weeks to form carbon, lead to future difficulties, idle vibration, increased fuel consumption and other defects.

Idling hot in-place cars is not desirable, because idle for 3 minutes of fuel consumption, the equivalent of 1 km at 60 kilometers an hour. Secondly, the idle because of in-place temperature enough, catalytic converter needs to be translated material will increase catalytic converter damage which will increase the burden. Similarly, gearboxes, transmission systems and brake systems are cold, immediately speed is desirable.

Therefore, the correct approach is: as long as the engine after starting the fire engine to achieve stable and normal idle speed (waiting time depends on the speed of decline are relatively stable time, usually no more than a minute). Best way is to use a 1 or 2-speed speed stay at 2000 RPM limit slow speed (without prejudice to other types of vehicles under normal driving conditions) until the temperature reaches about 60 deg (one-third above the water table) to normal traffic.