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Winter season fire engine maintenance note elements
- Mar 07, 2017 -

Electrolyte in the battery would add

Fear a low temperature battery, battery capacity in low temperature capacity is much lower than at room temperature. So before the cold season comes, should complement the battery electrolyte, and clean battery terminals, and coated with oil to protect and ensure a reliable starter, extended battery life. If the fire-fighting vehicles parked outdoors in cold storage for weeks without, should remove the battery and kept in a warmer room, in case the batteries freeze damage.

To swap low-temperature lubricating oil

In addition to replace the antifreeze, hibernated, fire owners note that the replacement of engine oil. Oil viscosity is temperature-dependent. Oil currently on the market, "single-stage and multistage" two, single-engine oil using a narrow temperature range, a viscosity level applies only to the part of the season of the year, cannot be used for a full year. Such as engine lubricants such as oil, common in summer and winter (multigrade oils: 10W/300E oil, using range-20 ℃-40 ℃; 15W/300E gasoline engine oil, used-18 ℃-40 ℃; 15W/400E gasoline engine oil, used-18 ℃ and above). If your car is "single" oils, it should be replaced in a timely manner of winter low temperature oil.

Keep the thermostat is working properly

Thermostat control is the function of normal temperature, low temperature starting, the engine heat up rapidly to reduce cylinder wear. Some too high water temperature in summer, repair crews put the thermostat removed, although you can solve the problem of the summer, but winter and vice versa. Without notice, it is possible for a small hose, wasting a bucket of antifreeze.

Antifreeze solution must have two years of a change

The prime function of antifreeze is to prevent coolant freezes during cold winter Park and burst radiator and cold engine block or cover for automotive safety for the winter, plays an extremely important role.

If this is a new car within two years is generally not antifreeze because all the fire engines at the factory is added up. If it is used cars, has changed the previous year quality antifreeze, antifreeze's freezing point, boiling point and corrosion resistance you want, that also this year need not change. But not change your antifreeze car two years, then must be replaced. This is because antifreeze is normally valid for two years, expired antifreeze can cause corrosion of cylinder, causing serious engine damage. In addition, ensure that the freezing point around lingxia25du antifreeze, if to cooler places needed a lower freezing point of antifreeze.