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25m High Jet Three-phase Jet Fire Truck Complete The Drill Task
- Dec 29, 2017 -

On June 26, 10, daqing oilfield co., LTD gas branch training practice base, an area of twenty thousand cubic meters of oil storage tank leakage, fire and ignition oil tank, blaze up more and more prosperous, a large number of crude oil leakage flow caused extensive, and form the vertical burning, a serious threat to adjacent to the tank farm.

Three - phase jet engine

Three - phase jet fire extinguishing fire

Was ordered reinforcements, mingguang vast security technology co., LTD production of patented engines - 25 meters high injection of three phase jet engines, along with the secret service team fire team to participate in fire support, three sets of three phase jet engines by bits, parking, show the legs, lift arm in synthesis, outside for connection, adjust the Angle of fire monitor, water spray, the resistance to resurgence agent for oil tank at the top of the flame spray, control the expansion of oil fire situation, as the commander in chief of the general command, held up three fire engine car with thick pale green liquid, gas, powder mixing jet, instantaneous enveloped the whole tank roof, the flame was completely annihilated.

This is a joint fire drill jointly organized by the government of heilongjiang provincial public security fire brigade and daqing oilfield co., LTD. Large oil tank fire fighting and rescue cross area practical pull drill, and the third session of daqing city joint fire drill. The deputy general commander of heilongjiang provincial public security fire brigade, zou wanfeng, the commanding officer. Haomiao technology is invited to send three domestic high-end industrial fire extinguisher "three-phase jet fire truck" to participate in the drill and take charge of fire fighting.

Held up three phase jet jet engines highlight its advantages in this exercise, put out the fire quickly, again outstanding performance got the full display, and the successful completion of the rehearsal collaboration tasks.

According to statistics, this drill has mobilized the city public security fire control team, bureau of public security fire control team and daqing oilfield and petrochemical enterprise full-time fire team, and cross-regional assemble in Harbin, that is suihua public security fire control team and social linkage unit 11 units and departments, such as more than 300 firefighters.