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8 Tons Of Fire Truck Work You Don't Know The Details
- Sep 28, 2017 -

8 Tons of Fire Truck work you don't know the details

8 Tons of Fire Trucks in the operation of a lot of details if done, can make the vehicle to better run, reduce the occurrence of accidents.

1. Generally in the operation of the car is supported by the legs of the ground, to reduce the pressure on the body, in fact, in the work if the leg under the support of a piece of wood to reduce the pressure on the ground, to prevent the leg fall into the ground, the vehicle can not reach a balance, reduce the Especially in the soft land surface should be more attention.

2. Handle control valve of the Fire Truck, the general handle is not very long, in operation due to the hydraulic system, flip handle hand force uneven, generally not easy to control its smoothness, will lead to the work platform in the process of vibration, very unsafe, so can be properly lengthened handle, arm force small, smooth, so that the platform can be balanced.

Lubrication of a very important part of the 3.8-ton Fire Truck--lubrication of the gear plate on the base of the car plate, a plate in the work of the upper body of the Fire Truck with the support of the base, it is to maintain a direct impact on the movement of the vehicle, many times forget to lubricate the inside, resulting in the inside of the gear plate all killed, can not run, Create a flexible operation. So always pay attention to the base of lubrication, lubrication Select special Grease.