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A Fire Engine Is Driving Some Driving Skills.
- Mar 18, 2018 -

Winter fog weather is more, under the fire trucks travel should be careful, especially on the highway driving truck, eye view eight-way, ear to listen to the four winds, enhance vigilance, if under the fog is too big, want to don't travel as far as possible, or like fog clears before you travel.

Don't drive high beams in foggy weather.

Fire truck fog to comprehensive review before the car vehicle lighting device, before and after the open while driing fog lamps, tail lights, light and low light, wide use lights improve visibility, see vehicles and pedestrians and traffic, easy to let others see their. Need special attention is that fog not use high beam, this is due to the high beam of light will be fog reflection, formed in the front was a vast expanse of whiteness instead, drivers can't see anything. In addition, frequently on the horn can also play the role of warn pedestrians and other vehicles.

We must not blindly overtake the car.

For fire truck driver nasty temper, like driving fast, we have to pay special attention to when fog, don't blindly pass. If it is found that in front of the vehicle parked on the right, not blindly go, want to consider whether the vehicle to the other side of waiting for. Beyond the roadside parked vehicle, to confirm their have no intention of starting nor to the other side of the later, timely on the horn, from the left side of the low speed around. In addition, please also notice the lane rope be careful on the road, not GaXian, otherwise would have collided with the car to the danger.

Control the speed of the car.

In foggy weather, when visibility is 500 meters to 200 meters, it is necessary to turn on the anti-dazzle near light, the indicator beam and the taillight, and the speed limit should be no more than 80 kilometers per hour, and the distance should be kept more than 150 meters. When visibility is 200 meters to 100 meters, it is necessary to turn on the fog lamps and anti-dazzle light, show the wide light and the taillight, not exceeding 60 kilometers per hour, and keep the distance between 100 meters or more. Visibility at 100 m -50 m, speed can not exceed 40 km/h, driving distance of 50 m above. In addition, when encountering heavy fog, it is necessary to use rain to brush the water to improve the clarity of sight.

In case of an accident or breakdown.

Fire engines if malfunction after parking, everyone want to get off on the right, left the road far away as far as possible, don't sit in the car. If the highway emergency parking lane, after parking the driver should open warning lights, and set up in 150 metres behind the hazard warning signs, immediate evacuation of the personnel on the car to guardrail, immediately report to the police at the same time, don't stay in the car or walking on the driveway.