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A Homemade Fire Engine Analysis
- Mar 07, 2017 -

The production level and technical level of domestic fire engine is still relatively backward, has been unable to meet the diversity of socio-economic development of modern fire-fighting forces to functional requirements. Although domestic and foreign brands of fire engine fire engine compared to a price advantage. But the development of modern fire-fighting forces needed is more superior, quality, more stable, more intelligent and simple manipulation of fire engines.

(A) the dependence on foreign resources

Production of domestic fire engine has begun to take shape, such as Dongfeng, heavy truck brands, joined the fire engine manufacturing industry. Yield is high, but its major parts and critical technology is to rely on foreign purchases, especially in the FSD process value higher climb, class a foam fire engines and rescue fire trucks, key technologies and components of a considerable part of which were imported from abroad. Homemade fire truck industry is not in the spirit of innovation, technology is still relatively backward.

(B) the function of domestic fire engine limitations

Addition to other fire brigade vehicles, fire engines can also be divided into agricultural fire engines, city fire trucks, non-fire brigade vehicles and many other types. Domestic fire engines almost all industry eyes on fire vehicles and fire engines for agricultural use in both directions, the lack of fire-fighting vehicle development in other industries. In addition, the function of domestic fire engine is relatively small, a fire engine is often only one or two tasks to perform, police often requires the use of more than one fire engine, takes up a lot of social resources.

(C) the structure of domestic fire engines, improvements

The structure of the engine can be divided into manned parts, cargo and unit parts, made the manned portion of the engine load is generally 4-6 people, different type of fire engine load partly different, but units occupy part of the fire engine a lot of space. Fewer varieties of homemade fire engine and a single, generally are ladders, foam vehicles, water vehicles, equipment and other vehicles of several types, less fire command car, trailer, fire tank and so on.

(D) lack of dedicated fire truck chassis

Different varieties of fire trucks, to different functions, the disaster response and relief varies. Compared with ordinary goods traffic, fire truck chassis requirements are more complex, such as turntable ladders requested chassis, greater load capacity, dispersed more evenly. But the lack of domestic fire engine chassis supply, technology and performance are still relatively backward, the lack of dedicated fire truck chassis.

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