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Autumn Foam Fire Truck Need To Be Checked In Three Areas
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Autumn foam Fire Truck should pay more attention to some maintenance, Fire Truck is specifically used for fire or other emergency rescue vehicles, often in combat readiness, so busy again on the foam fire truck to carry out some checks.

First, check the foam fire truck air conditioning, cleaning air filter.

With a summer air conditioning, there will be a lot of dust and bacteria deposited in the filter or evaporator box, if not cleaned, not only in winter use will affect the amount of hot air, so that the amount of air, while harmful dust will Harmful to health.

Second, check the foam Fire Truck brake oil and brake pads.

Brake system for the safety of the car is extremely important, we must always check the brake oil tank oil, oil surface below the lower limit, it is necessary to timely add to the upper limit. In addition, because the brake oil itself, strong moisture absorption, After the time, the brake oil will be due to the absorption of too much water in the surrounding air caused by the brake oil to reduce the boiling point of the brake oil in the boiling will cause braking lock or failure and other failures, so the brake oil must be replaced regularly. When the brake oil is mixed, it may react or corrode the brake system, and the brake oil of the same brand must be replaced when it is replaced. The brake pads are the parts that are easier to wear in the braking system and need to check the wear level frequently. If the wear degree exceeds the requirements of the manufacturer Limit, must be replaced.

Third, often the tire tire pressure and wear conditions.

In particular, the northern mountain road, detours, Fire Truck snow and other road conditions are more complex place to travel, must not ignore this one inspection.