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Be Sure To Use Foam Fire Truck Correctly
- Jul 21, 2017 -

  Be sure to use foam Fire Truck correctly

  Perhaps a lot of people feel that the fire for water only. In fact, not also. A lot of fire can not use water to fire, this time on the need for foam. The proper use of foam Fire Truck in the fire is the basis for extinguishing petrochemical fires.

  As the foam fire truck at the same time with the performance of water tanker, so the correct use of foam Fire Truck for each fire commander, is a worthy of attention. Due to the special performance of the foam Fire Truck, decided to fire the firefighters facing most of the petrochemical and other dangerous large fire scene.

  Petrochemical fire has a fast burning speed, fire situation changes, the probability of explosive combustion and Fire Truck and combat personnel, such as the threat of large and so on. Fire Truck You need the right to use the foam fire truck.

  The electrical system of the foam fire truck is mainly in the cab. Such as its top with a long row of pure red lights, its internal alarm, lights, flash lights, etc., the control device installed in the cab.

  Foam fire engine on both sides of the top with a flashing lights, the bottom of the installation of security signs and side of the retro-reflector (combination), with the front and rear show lights, Fire Truck both sides of a turn signal, crew room, Pump room are equipped with lighting, and in line with GB4785 regulations.

  Foam fire truck cab also has this additional instrument and switch. Which are arranged in the control panel, the distribution is reasonable and clear, conducive to operation.

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