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Brief Introduction Of Dry Powder Fire Engine And Its Function And Application
- May 31, 2017 -

Brief introduction of dry powder fire engine and its function and Application

Mainly equipped with dry powder extinguishing agent tanks and dry powder injection devices, fire pumps and fire equipment, etc., mainly use dry powder to combat flammable and flammable liquids. Flammable gas fire and fire of live equipment can also save fire in general. For large chemical plants, fire suppression is especially effective. It is a standing fire engine in petrochemical enterprises.

Functional use

Fire engines are also known as fire engines and fire engines. The class two truck chassis converted, in part by the special liquid tank, pump room, equipment boxes, power output and transmission system, piping systems, electrical systems, widely used in urban public security fire brigade, petroleum chemical industry, factories and mines, forests, ports and other departments can quickly expand fire near the fire all kinds of fire fighting, fighting, is ideal for fire fighting equipment.

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