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Buy Fire Engines On The Rear Of The Process
- Mar 07, 2017 -

And, above all, when the customer in buying a fire truck, fire truck production qualified enterprise is a good choice, and so production fire engines have security, fire engines were used to deal with dangerous situations, after all, is not child's play. Only fire engine production of quality manufacturers have product bulletin fire engines, to enjoy the exemption from the State's policies.

Er, in a fire truck production qualification acquisition of fire engines, enterprises at the time of delivery will give customers two certificates, a certificate, the other one is whole vehicle quality certificate, which are indispensable, prior to shipment to check for consistent beam code certificate, the beam on the vehicle as you code like a person's ID card, is the only immutable.

When three, where the fire trucks delivered to customers, customers with tickets issued by the manufacturers and related documents, go to local insurance companies to buy vehicle insurance.

After four, buy insurance, customers with proof of insurance, vehicle certification, purchase invoices and other bills to local DMV processing procedures. Due to the fire trucks are mostly exempt from notice, so to provide proof of exemption (exempt from batch).

Five, when a vehicle arrived on the DMV, fill in the complete transfer of the motor vehicle registration/application form for registration, provide the certificate of organization code, provide proof of exemption, and then filing can be listed.

Six fire engines, fire-fighting forces purchase in addition to the above information also require national compulsory safety certification (3C), fire truck purchase invoices, certificates and procedures directly to the Ministry of public security, directly by the Ministry of public security issued the armed police fire service licence.