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Category Of Fire Engines
- Dec 22, 2017 -

Fire trucks were varied, complex function, can be classified according to different standards, classified by fire truck chassis carrying capacity including mini truck, light truck, medium truck and heavy truck; According to the appearance structure can be divided into single bridge fire truck, double bridge fire engine, flat-head fire engine, pointed fire engine; According to the classification of fire extinguishing agent can be divided into water tank fire truck, powder fire truck and foam fire truck.

According to the installation position of the water pump in the fire truck, the pre-pump type fire truck: the water pump is installed in the front of the fire truck, which is convenient for the maintenance of the water pump and suitable for the medium and light fire truck; Medium pump fire truck: pump mounted in the middle of the fire truck; At present, the majority of fire engines in China adopt this type: the advantage is that the overall layout of the vehicle is more reasonable; Post - set pump fire truck: it is characterized by the convenience of pump maintenance and pump maintenance. Inverted pump fire truck: the water pump is located in the side of the frame, and the rear engine's airport rescue fire truck often adopts this type. Such arrangement can reduce the center of gravity of the vehicle, and also bring convenience to the maintenance pump.

But in general, the classification of fire truck is the standard of its function. In China, fire truck is divided into the following categories:

Fire-fighting truck

Fire extinguishing agents can be sprayed by such fire engines, and fire can be saved independently, including:


Also known as the "pump truck", "pump", refers to pick up the pump truck, its equipment fire pump and fire fighting equipment and other passenger seats, arrived at the scene after the available at the scene of fire hydrant or direct fire water, the water can also be used to other fire extinguishing spray water supply equipment.

Fire truck

"Say again" tank car, the car in addition to the fire pumps and equipment, also has a large capacity of storage tank and water gun, water gun, etc., can be without external water under the condition of independent extinguishing fire, can also directly from water suction to save, or to other fire engines and fire supply water jet device. Water supply and water transport vehicles can also be used in water shortage areas, which are suitable for general fire fighting, which is a regular fire vehicle for public security fire brigade and professional fire brigade.

Foam truck

Mainly equipped with fire water pump, water tank, foam liquid tank, foam mixing system, foam gun, gun and other fire fighting equipment, can save fire independently. Particularly applicable to save oil and its products such as oil fire, also can to the fire water and foam mixture, petrochemical enterprises, oil dock, airport and city professional fire brigade for fire fighting vehicles.

High power foam truck

Equipped with high multiple foam generator and fire pump system. Can quickly spray foam 400 ~ 1000 times of high-expansion foam, separate combustion surface from the air, choking and cooling effect, and can eliminate some smoke, applicable to save from the basement, warehouse, shipping and other places of a closed or semi-closed building fire, the effect is remarkable.

Co2 fire truck

The vehicle is equipped with a high pressure storage cylinder with carbon dioxide extinguishing agent and a complete set of injection equipment. Some also have fire pumps. It is mainly used to save valuable equipment, precision instruments, important cultural relics and books files, etc., and can also save general material fires.

Powder fire truck

Main equipment dry powder cans and dry powder spray device, fire pump and fire fighting equipment, etc., the main use of dry powder flammable and combustible liquids, burnable gas fire, electrified equipment fire, can also save the general material of a fire. For large chemical pipeline fire, save the effect is particularly remarkable. It is a constant fire truck for petrochemical enterprises.

Foam - dry powder combined with fire truck

The vehicle's equipment and fire extinguishing agent is a combination of foam fire truck and dry powder fire truck. It can simultaneously spray different extinguishing agents and can be used separately. It can be used to save combustible gas, flammable liquid, organic solvents and electrical equipment and general material fire.

Elevating fire truck

The equipment for elevating and extinguishing equipment can be used for fire extinguishing or fire fighting fire trucks, including:

Ladder truck

The vehicle is equipped with a retractable cloud ladder, which can be equipped with a bucket table and a fire extinguishing device, which can be used for fire fighting and rescue of the trapped personnel, which can be used for the fire fighting of high-rise buildings.

A platform fire truck

The vehicle has a large hydraulic lift platform for fire fighting personnel to carry out the high rise and rescue high-rise buildings, tall facilities, oil tanks and other fire, rescue the trapped personnel.

Lift fire engines

Equipped with folded, telescopic or combined arms, turntables and fire - extinguishing devices. Fire fighters can use fire extinguishing devices at the top of the ground remotely to spray the target in the air.

Special fire truck

Fire engines for a special fire fighting technical operation other than fire fighting, including:

Communication command fire truck

Equipped with radio, telephone, and amplifying communications equipment, fire commanders can command fire fighting, rescue and communication, and usually respond to tasks requiring command and dispatch.

Lighting appliance

It is equipped with power generation, generator, fixed - lift lighting tower, mobile lamps and communication equipment. To provide lighting for fire fighting and rescue work at night, as well as temporary power supply for fire, to provide power for communication, broadcast propaganda and breaking devices.

Rescue fire truck

The vehicle is equipped with fire and rescue equipment, firefighter special protection equipment, fire breaking tools and fire source detectors. It is a special fire truck for rescue and rescue mission.

Survey truck

The car is equipped with reconnaissance tank, survey, forcible entry tool cabinet, containing gas, liquid, such as sound detector can also according to user requirements and analysis instrument equipped with radio, intercom, video recorder, recorder, and closed-circuit television (CCTV). Is a kind of survey fire engine which is suitable for the special purpose of public security, judicature and fire protection system. It is used in the field of fire, crime scene and other on-site investigation, and also applies to colleges and universities, factories and mining enterprises, scientific research departments and geological survey and other units.

Smoke exhaust truck

The car is equipped with fan and duct, used for fire or forced ventilation, so as to enable fire fighters to enter the burning building for fire fighting and rescue work. It is especially suitable for the use of fire in underground buildings and warehouses.

Water tender

It is characterized by a large capacity of water storage tanks and a fire water pump system, which is used as a backup vehicle for fire water supply, especially for dry water areas. It also has the function of general water tank fire engine.

Supply truck

The main equipment of the car is foam tank and foam pump unit. It is a backup vehicle specially designed for fire supply foam.

Fire tanks

Special tanks which are refitted by military tanks and specially designed for urban and rural fire fighting belong to special tanks. It has prominent features such as fire protection, riot, anti-virus and anti-virus. Fire more tanks used in hazardous chemical leakage, large-scale serious fire fire, with his armor, powerful, heavy off-road to break the barrier of advantage into the fire, but due to road mobility is poor, and the high cost of fuel consumption is large, so rare. [1]

Airport fire truck

Dedicated to handling aircraft fire accidents, fire extinguishing fire engines can be sprayed on the road.

Airport rescue pilot

This kind of vehicle has a very good maneuvering performance, and has a 1000-liter light water foam solution. Obtained from the vehicle in the alarm after the crash, can very quickly to the crash site, to the plane of injection light water foam fire place, prevent fire spreading, to support the airport rescue fire fighting to win the precious time.

Airport rescue truck

A large chemical fire truck dedicated to the rescue and rescue of plane crash fire. Its characteristic is the car carrying large amounts of water and a percentage of foam extinguishing agent and dry powder, also equipped with all kinds of fire rescue equipment and rescue tools, vehicle has good mobility and cross-country performance, and can spray fire extinguishing agent in the travel. There is a significant difference between this and general fire engines.

Auxiliary fire truck

Fire extinguisher or fire fighting equipment. Specific: water supply fire truck, foam fire truck, ambulance, etc.


Used to transport fire water pipe, fire hose, interface, breaking tools, life-saving equipment and other fire-fighting equipment and accessories to the fire.

Ambulance appliance

The vehicle is equipped with medical supplies such as stretchers, oxygen respirators and emergency equipment for the rescue and delivery of fire casualties.

Fire truck

The car is mainly equipped with video, audio and video audio and power generation equipment, which is a special fire truck for fire prevention propaganda.