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Changzhou Electronic Simulation Smoke Thermal Training Room Completed.
- Jan 17, 2018 -

A few days ago, a melting "training, teaching and practice" is a body comprehensive electronic smoke heat training room built in jiangsu changzhou fire detachment and into the trial operation, the training to improve the fireman fire adaptability and psychological quality, enhanced under the condition of high temperature smoke complete "reconnaissance, rescue, rescue and evacuation" rescue ability will play a positive role.

According to introducing, hot smoke fire officers and soldiers training room for exercise, smoke, noise in the dark, high temperature wear air breathing apparatus through the mesh cage channel cavity, fences, wood barrier, narrow bridge, slider, quickly arrived at designated places for emergency rescue and evacuation, is conducive to the officers and soldiers in the complex space and environment of ascension to crawl, sideways, climbing, surmounting obstacles such as ability, training commanders and fighters gas emergency command ability of organization and the occasion requires disposal strain capacity, training team members to contact each other, physical resilience and psychological endurance.