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China's Fire Truck Market There Are Five Trends In The Development Trend
- Jun 02, 2017 -

  China's fire truck market there are five trends in the development trend.

  First, the city with the fire truck market, including heavy-duty fire truck market and light fire truck market. One heavy-duty fire engine is the only way to solve the high-rise building fire. With the rise of high-rise buildings, and the higher the trend, the full-function, large lifting height, large injection volume, farther higher distance from the injection of heavy lifting, ladder fire engines will become the future of urban fire Of the mainstay. But at the same time, as the city becomes more and more crowded, the larger and medium-sized heavy and medium-sized fire engines are becoming more and more difficult to move and expand in the increasingly small cities, with some small size and high Technical value-added light fire engines, will also be the future of the city with a fire truck market hot spots.

  Second, the airport fire truck market. According to "China's civil aviation development of the twelfth five-year plan (2011 to 2015)", China's airport construction by the end of 2015 plans to reach 230, the existing large-scale airport is also a lot of reconstruction and expansion. Once the low open, the number of airports will increase rapidly, so in the future for a long period of time, the airport demand for fire engines is relatively impressive.

  Third, the enterprise custom fire truck market. At present, very few domestic enterprises (only some large petrochemical enterprises and large mining enterprises) equipped with their own dedicated fire engines. With the deepening of security awareness, some of the more special enterprises or enterprises with strong economic strength, according to their own needs with the characteristics of targeted fire engines. This will form a new market - the fire truck custom market.

  Fourth, the forest, public places and other special occasions fire truck market. In addition to the daily city with fire engines and airport fire engines, there are some other special use of fire equipment, such as forest fire with the crawler fire engines, fire engines, fire helicopters, etc., due to expensive, less. Therefore, with high environmental adaptability, have a strong self-help and protection capabilities, to quickly maneuvered fire engines or a certain market demand.

  Five is the development of foreign markets. As long as China's fire truck product quality and functional configuration to meet the international standard level, the lower prices of Chinese products and higher cost should be able to seize a certain share in the international market.