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- Jan 29, 2018 -

----- haomiao technology participated in the 2013 Beijing international fire exhibition tour.

On May 7, 2013, Beijing international fire control exhibition grand opening, mingguang city is captivating fire science and technology development co., LTD., stands in the middle of the bird's nest and water cube, dominated by historical background and cultural creativity, captivating, the company's booth fully showed the characteristics of has been gloriously enrolled, antique buildings with modern characteristics of the gray tiles and white walls of the bird's nest and water cube set each other off akira, as hui, the company has been inheriting the "hearts into it, and pick up things with the letter" concept, through with the products and services.

Launched the fire show vast science and technology development company independent innovation, basing on the modern fire control requirements of the seven fire-fighting equipment, respectively is combined with a German company developed mobile simulation true fire training, the company patented product 25 meters three-phase, jet fire engines, vortex jet engines, remote power supply vehicle, blizzard trailer cannons, and final assembly research institute jointly developed by dangerous chemical accident disposal tools professional powder disposal car chemical detection and matching, etc.

Mobile simulation true fire training is a company with a German company developed training device, it focused on the container, can put a variety of fire scene simulation module, make the real fire of fire officers and soldiers and specially trained personnel training environment, training help firefighters, because mobile use, solve the problem of training equipment used in different areas, decrease the cost of training equipment investment. Three jet injection technology can be used to separate the solid phase, liquid phase and gas phase extinguishing agent separately or compound injection, high fire fighting efficiency, good anti-combustion effect, and is the patent product of the company. Remote high-power supply vehicle to solve the problem of long-distance water supply in complex environment. Vortex jet engines is the company's domestic initiative, the use of jet aircraft engine as a driving force, can produce large area of water curtain covering fire, is a large reservoir irrigation area and the airport area fire smoke weapon; The powder disposal vehicle adopts the modular design, which can carry different modules to the fire scene according to the type of fire detected, and provide the targeted treatment of the disaster.

The company is committed to creating a culture of cultural integrity of huishang. In the design of the exhibition platform, we use the blue and white wall, the horse head wall and the arch style to highlight the architectural style of the hui style, which is unique in the whole exhibition area. Company hired mingguang city calligrapher, anhui calligrapher's association, chairman of mingguang city federation of Mr Ren and his brother at the scene of the exhibition publicity corporate culture, with the present to visit consulting clients, Shanghai communicate in calligraphy propaganda, cause the interest of the customer, are demanding calligraphy as a souvenir, have a good interaction effect.