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Chongqing Yuzhong Pilot Wisdom Fire Remote Monitoring System
- Jun 29, 2018 -

In order to accelerate the pace of technological advancement, innovate social fire control methods, and improve fire emergency rescue capabilities, Chongqing Yuzhong District invested more than 400,000 yuan in the construction of “wisdom firefighting” at Guiyuan Xincun Community, Lianglukou Subdistrict of the district, using big data technology to improve fire safety. The warning system was sent to the community to eliminate the hidden dangers of fire. The

There are 60 residential buildings in Guiyuan Xincun Community, Yuzhong District, Chongqing City, of which there are 34 high-rise buildings with a height of 30 meters or more, most of them are old residential buildings, lack of automatic sprinkler systems, automatic fire alarm systems, pump rooms, pools, and high spots. The water tank has only a fire hydrant system, and a small number of buildings and ridges have showers. In addition, the occupants are mostly vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children. Once a fire occurs, serious consequences may result. In response to this situation, the Yuzhong district firefighting detachment in Chongqing set up a firefighting Internet of things monitoring system in the community, through the installation of wireless independent smoke detectors, manual alarms, light alarms and other fire alarm monitoring systems, fire water monitoring The management system and other initiatives established a detailed database for each building and each household's residence, and linked the database to the early warning system, which fully improved the community's fire prevention and control capabilities and disposal capabilities.

It is understood that relying on the remote monitoring system of the fire IoT, the members of the community police and micro-fire stations can use the mobile phone software to monitor the fire-fighting facilities in the area for 24 hours. Once the system finds abnormalities and failures in the fire-fighting facilities, it will automatically notify the mobile phone software. Related personnel arrived at the venue the first time. If a fire occurs, the system can confirm whether there is a fire alarm, fire alarm information and geographical coordinates after the fire alarm probe alarms, and automatically send fire alarm information to the public security fire command center, community police, and community micro fire stations to send instructions to mobilize the on-site staff. The first fire was put out and the fire fighting force was dispatched to the site for disposal. At the same time, the system can also send fire alarm information to the people in the building through fire emergency radio, prompting evacuation precautions, and truly achieve the emergency linkage of “one minute of police, three minutes of arrival, and five minutes of fire extinguishing” to achieve the “fire early” , playing small and hitting the goal. The system will be covered and promoted throughout the district after the successful trial of the Guiyuan Xincun Community.