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Civil Fire Truck And Military Fire Truck
- Nov 01, 2017 -

In recent years, the number of fires in the country is declining, but the average amount of economic losses per fire has not decreased significantly, and the shortage of fire equipment is one of the main reasons. Fire fighters are the main users of Fire Truck, the most versatile types of functions required, the airport on the fire truck configuration requirements of the highest. Customers in the purchase of Fire Truck, the most fancy is the product quality, sales price and after-sales service.

With the increasing emphasis on fire safety, some communities that are prone or prone to fire accidents are starting to work with Fire Truck to deal with emergency fire and do a very important role. But this type of Fire Truck and fire brigade Fire Truck used in many configurations and requirements are somewhat different.

1. Civil Fire Truck because of the use of the environment, the work area is mostly narrow streets, so this type of fire truck models can not be too large, small wheelbase to facilitate travel, turning and fire fighting equipment for the best operation to achieve the best Fire extinguishing effect. The most commonly used multi-function fire sprinkler and small Fire Truck.

2. Because the Fire Truck for special vehicles, the use of fire brigade generally need to military police license, so the qualification requirements are very strict, the general manufacturers of 3C certification (military use) are not easy to handle down, in the car need to pay attention to whether the manufacturers have 3C certification.

3. Vehicle configuration is also a certain difference, the use of fire units need to standard models equipped with fire equipment 25, and small fire sprinkler can be selected according to the needs of the environment tools, and the use of fire pumps, atmospheric pressure and low pressure Pump two common, in order to choose the power of the low-pressure pump, the community is not necessary to use so high configuration, the conventional type is completely enough, and the fire brigade in order to achieve the ultimate efficiency of fire, all aspects will require the best configuration The

Therefore, the difference between civil Fire Truck and military Fire Truck is mainly to consider the practical performance, select the appropriate model.