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Classification Of Fire Truck Chassis Carrying Capacity
- Nov 01, 2017 -

(1) Light Fire Truck. Light fire truck is the chassis carrying capacity of 500-5000kg Fire Truck. Mainly including light Fire Truck, light foam Fire Truck, light dry powder Fire Truck, light communications command vehicles, light investigation Fire Truck.

(2) medium-sized Fire Truck. Medium-sized Fire Truck refer to the chassis carrying capacity of 5000-8000kg Fire Truck. "Mainly include all kinds of medium-sized water tank fire truck, foam fire truck, dry powder fire truck, foam - dry powder combined with Fire Truck, high platform Fire Truck, ladder Fire Truck, high fire fire trucks, communications command Fire Truck, lighting Fire, Fire Truck, Fire Truck, Fire Truck, Fire Truck, Fire Truck, Fire Truck, Fire Truck, Fire Truck.

(3) heavy-duty Fire Truck. Heavy-duty Fire Truck are chassis carrying capacity of more than 8000kg Fire Truck. Mainly include all kinds of heavy water tanker Fire Truck, foam Fire Truck, dry powder Fire Truck, carbon dioxide Fire Truck, foam - dry powder combined with Fire Truck, climbing platform Fire Truck, ladder Fire Truck.

Many novice do not know when to shift, often there will be low gear high speed of the situation. The correct shift should be in the fire engine after the start, with the engine speed increases, with different speed, into the corresponding gear. Car old driver to teach you a few strokes!

Usually, when the speed to a certain extent, the fire engine engine noise will increase, then must be upshift, shift the timing of the engine speed is generally between 2500 ~ 3000r / min (different performance of the engine will be If you do not have to learn to change the gear according to the engine sound changes, you can observe the safety of the case to watch the tachometer, feel the best shift speed when the engine sound changes. The same principle, but it should be noted that when the speed is too fast, the first speed down to the corresponding range, and then shift.

Some drivers are accustomed to shifting according to the speed, but this approach is not suitable for novice, because the novice's sense of speed is often not yet established, it is recommended that novice or according to the engine speed shift method, but we should understand the different speed stage Of the corresponding gear. 5-speed manual transmission of vehicles, for example, usually, after the start when the vehicle speed is less than 20km / h should choose 2 block, when the speed of 20 ~ 60km / h when the choice of 3, when the speed 60 ~ 80km / h when hanging between the 4 block, if the speed of more than 80km / h can be linked to the 5 block.