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Common Sense Of Electric Fire.
- Feb 25, 2018 -

From the point of view of fire extinguishing, electric fire has two characteristics: first, the electric equipment and electrical appliances are not disconnected from the power source after the fire or cause the fire, and they are still charged; 2 it is some electrical equipment (such as power transformer, circuit breaker, motor starter, etc.) itself oil filled, fire, could fuel injection or explosion, fire spread, expanding the scope of the fire. Therefore, appropriate measures must be taken to save electric fire.

1. Power off

When the electric fire, if the site has not been a power outage, the first to find a way to cut off the power, this is to prevent the electrical equipment with short circuit expands and expanding the scope of the fire and the important measure to avoid electric shock accidents.

The following points should be noted when cutting power supply:

Electrical equipment (1) fire area because of be affected with damp be affected with damp and smoked, insulating ability is reduced, pull switch or use other ways to cut off the power supply must use reliable insulation tools, to prevent electric shock accidents occurred in the process of operation.

The site selection of the power supply should be appropriate, so as not to affect the fire fighting.

In case of electrical fire at night, the temporary lighting measures required for fire fighting should be considered when power supply is cut off.

When the conductor is cut off, the non-identical conductor should be cut off in different parts so as to avoid two or three phase short circuit. The cutting point of the overhead conductor should be located near the support on the power side to prevent the wire from falling behind and touching the body or short circuit.

If the wire is loaded, the load should be eliminated first, then the power should be cut off to prevent load pulling.

2. Avoid electric shock

In case of an electrical fire, if the situation is critical, it will be charged to extinguish the fire if it is not allowed or unable to cut off the power in time due to other reasons. To avoid personal shock, the following points should be noted:

It is necessary to maintain sufficient safety distance between the personnel and the charged body to prevent the contact or proximity between the body, the hand, the feet and the fire extinguishers, etc., which are directly connected with the electric appliances, electrical lines and equipment.

When a high voltage electrical equipment or line is grounded, a warning area shall be set up to prevent personnel from entering and electric shock. In the room, the rescue personnel shall not enter the range within 4 meters of the failure point; In the outside, the rescue personnel shall not enter the range within 8 meters of the failure point; Those who enter the above range must wear insulating boots.

Use non-conductive extinguishing agents such as carbon dioxide and dry powder and dry sand. The use of water and foam is strictly prohibited in the case of electric fire extinguishing.

In case of electric fire extinguishing, wear insulating rubber gloves.

3. Oil filled electrical equipment cannot use water for electric fire fighting.

When the external fire of the oil filling equipment is on fire, fire extinguishers such as carbon dioxide and dry powder can be used. If the fire is large, the power should be cut off immediately and the water should be put out.

If the fire is inside the oil filling equipment, the power should be cut off immediately. Spray nozzle can be used when the fire is put out, and dry sand and mud can be used when necessary. The leaking oil fire can be extinguished by a foam fire extinguisher.

When the rotating motor, such as generator and motor, is on fire, to prevent deformation of shaft and bearing, it can be slowly turned, put out by spray nozzle, and help to cool it. It can also be used to extinguish fires such as carbon dioxide and steam.

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