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Considerations For Water Fire Truck Operation
- Mar 07, 2017 -

When the tanks when the fire engines arrived at the scene, first is where you want to go to a fire better, to facilitate rapid access to the fire. Then, when the fire trucks drove to the scene in the process, should be to maintain a rapid and secure State, you should choose a nearest the fire fire lane for driving. When it is deployed on more vehicles, after each car should be a 80-50M to keep a safe distance from the road. When reached after the fire, not more two of them into the combat area of the same car, so as not to impede to the field commanders transfer vehicle, delayed the timing of combat.

Fire truck drivers should have to defer to the scene on the battlefield commander of operational command, coordination and implementation of flexible and resourceful field commander of all orders, and to provide seamless protection of fire-fighting in smoothly. The fire at the fire scene is the irreversible changes, is also capable of directly threatening the safety of fire-fighting vehicles, if threats should first transfer the vehicle relative to a relatively safe area to be fought again, this time, and the need for timely reports of fire engines parked position.