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Detection Of Piston Parts For Fire Truck
- Jul 25, 2017 -

  Detection of piston parts for Fire Truck

  Pistons are important parts of the fire truck, in the maintenance of its details must pay attention to testing, mainly in the following points:

  1. Piston with cylinder clearance detection

  When the engine maintenance of the fire engine is checked, the piston is inverted in the cylinder bore and inserted into the cylinder with the appropriate thickness and length of the stopper, and the cylinder wall with the largest side pressure is in contact with the piston (in the vertical direction of the piston pin) With a spring scale according to the provisions of the tension, the ruler gently pull out, or first with a diameter micrometer to measure the piston skirt diameter. And then use the cylinder diameter table to measure the cylinder diameter, cylinder diameter minus the piston skirt outside diameter, that is, with the gap, the correct cylinder clearance is 0.05mm-0.075mm, if necessary, new parts.

  After detection found that the fire engine piston with cylinder clearance is too large, should consider changing the size of the new piston. For the piston, Fire Truck should use the same brand, with the level of high-quality accessories; with a piston diameter difference should not exceed 0.025mm, the quality difference is not greater than 8g; piston skirt taper and roundness must meet the requirements.

  2. Detection of piston rings

  The piston ring will be flat into the cylinder of the fire engine, with the old piston will push the ring flat (small repair ring, it should be pushed to the bottom of the ring movement to the lowest point of the position), with a stopper to measure the opening gap, If the opening gap is too small, Fire Truck you can use a small file in the opening one end to file a little. File repair should always check to prevent the opening is too large, and should make the opening smooth, the ring closed detection, can not have a remote phenomenon, the file should be removed from the end of the burr.

  (1). Check the gap, the piston ring in the ring groove rotation, in the case of non-jamming, with a ruler to measure the gap. The gap is too small, the ring ring on the plaster coated with a flat or coated with a glass of sand on the mill.

  (2). Check the backlash, the piston ring into the ring groove, the ring should be lower than the tank, otherwise the ring tank should be deep to the appropriate location, Fire Truck to prevent the fire engine power failure.