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Domestic Fire Engine Trend Analysis
- Mar 07, 2017 -

Domestic status of fire trucks and fire engines, according to market analysis and future domestic fire engines will pour more resources into the fire engine manufacturing technology, performance, research and development, gradually to reduce dependence on foreign technology gradually developed its own brand characteristics of fire engines.

(A) development of more technical content of the fire truck chassis

The chassis of the engine is related to the performance and effectiveness of police and fire engines. Good fire truck chassis in all types of terrain conditions of environment and disaster relief, and coincides with the fire engine top performance.

Domestic fire engines of the future will increasingly fill vacancies in the industry, increase investment in fire truck chassis technology, human and financial inputs, there will also be more productive enterprises and research institutions into the fire truck chassis in the development, production, and improve the performance and quality of domestic fire engine chassis.

(B) automation and intelligent operating system

Electronic control technology is a product of modern technology, it has been widely applied in the machinery manufacturing industry. Domestic fire engines of the future will also incorporate this technology into products, realization of intelligent and automatic control of fire engines, reducing the input of combatants, enhance the combat capability of the engine.

(C) development of special fire trucks

FSD suddenly faces a variety of environmental emergencies, such as fire, flood, earthquake, poison gas, different disasters require different used fire engines with different functions, so the police vehicle must be able to respond to different incidents, facing different situations, rather than helpless. For example, when the conveyance of corrosive, explosive chemical filling and loading when the fire occurred, is not able to directly use water for fire-fighting; this requires fire engines carry the corresponding fire-fighting supplies, not only caused two fires, extinguishing require low temperatures, no spark action, preventing an explosion. Chemical decontamination fire engines to respond to such disasters, such as a new car, and required the industry to develop and perfect.