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Dry Powder Fire Truck In The Operation Should Pay Attention To The Place
- Jul 21, 2017 -

  Dry powder fire truck in the operation should pay attention to the place

  Dry powder Fire Truck are specially designed for Fire Truck that can not be prepared by special circumstances that can not be extinguished by water. Its main combustible flammable and flammable liquids. For large chemical plant pipeline fire, fighting effect is particularly significant. Use should pay attention to the following:

  1. Dry powder fire truck carrying dry powder fire extinguishing agent should be suitable for fighting the type of fire.

  2. Do not stop the dry powder fire truck at the lower air outlet or against the wind jet.

  3. Dry pressure system pressure vessels and pressure piping shall not be arbitrarily beat and change, to prevent accidents.

  4. Gas generators and distribution tubes and other high-temperature parts in use and just after the use of hand-prohibited touch, so as not to burn.

  5. Gas generator use of gunpowder storage and transportation must be chemical flammable, Dry powder fire truck explosive materials, the relevant provisions.

  6. The use of dry powder guns spray dry powder, Dry powder fire truck the dry powder tank must be inflated to the rated pressure before the jet, or due to lack of pressure and affect the range and fire effects

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